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Positive leadership begins with you.

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Creating stronger families, businesses and communities begins at the individual level. Personal responsibility, accountability and integrity are the key factors for any person who hopes to go powerless to personally powerful and influential. With personal responsibility, your ability to shape and create the life you want is at your fingertips. Trying to be right, instead of doing the right thing.

This is actually a conversation about short term comfort over term gain. Fear of failure, rejection, humiliation and judgement hold 90% of people back. They are afraid to fulfill to their goals because the risk of being uncomfortable feels scarier.

‘Just give it a go’ is the Australian phrase, but are you actually giving it a go?

 Without the guarantee of success, most people will lean away from anything that requires vulnerability.

You try to be right to win the argument, try to be right about who is to blame, try to be right to look intelligent….

But the long term pain from making a short term reactive choice has and will follow you.


Because the values you have set, the knowledge we have about who we are deep down, the desire to be good people, to avoid hurting someone or real honest pure, innocent vulnerability isn’t only reserved just for other people.

You are brave when you know how to harness your capabilities.

You are brave, that’s why you are here. Short term thinking, Short term decision making, Short term gratification Is leaving a gaping hole where personal pride, achievement, honour, respect and self-reliance should be.

How often have you said yes, where you should have said No?

How often do you go for the easy option, repeating patterns or refusing to acknowledge your responsibility?

How often do find yourself looking to safeguard and defend yourself rather than being honest and self-aware, including speaking honestly about your shortfalls and weakness?

Short cuts, easy options and cutting corners all seem great but you let yourself down over and over because you know…. You didn’t give it go, you didn’t stick it out, you didn’t give it your best, you didn’t try hard enough.

That story plays out over and until it is no longer a memory you have absorbed as your identity.

Which leads you to feel shame, embarrassment, self-rejection and humiliation….

That was what you were afraid of right?!

You avoided others ridiculing or judging you momentarily so that you can do it to yourself over a lifetime.

So tell me now, is stepping into your power as scary as a life Time of regret and self-loathing?

Leadership, responsibility and contribution begin when you stop taking the easy option, safeguarding your feelings, fearing discomfort and recognizing that change, growth, respect and success begins when you step into your responsibility, leadership and vulnerability.

Are you ready?


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