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Samantha Moir is the Women's confidence coach and creator of the online membership, FIERCE AF that is leading women to empowering their true selves and becoming #FIERCE AF.

"Samantha is helping women who have lost voice and feeling worthless and give them the confidence to speak their truth, shine their light and stand in their power."

 The #FIERCE AF Family is a collective of women who want to learn how to be strong and FIERCE.
The group has many options and inclusions but the major focus is:

Speaking your truth

Shine your light,

Stand in your power.

Why is this so important?
YOU will be making choices from truth,your relationships will be seen in their authenticity.
You will displaying and demonstrating positively your boundaries and how people can respect you.

YOU will have the self confidence to truly be yourself.

Less time GUESSING what others think about you.
Less worry about what a conversation means.

You receive the respect you want and deserve without having to "argue" your way there.


Working particularly with women who have come from traumatic and tumultuous past experiences and teaching them how to be Free and FIERCE. Sam has created a successful framework that supports women who battle with guilt, shame, blame and low self worth and teaches women to be strong, vulnerable, powerful and FIERCE.


Monthly masterminds and masterclasses to break down the fear and replace it being FIERCE AF.

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Always being told she was "too much" Samantha progressively and extensively practices the deep inner work & self acceptance to emulate the Fierce and Powerful Warrior Woman she helps her clients reach. Learning to embrace and be the best version of herself, Samantha wants to support women and mothers to unlock their most authentic selves.Samantha has many roles within her community. To learn more about Samantha and her experience you can see more about here.



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Media and podcasts
Domestic Violence Advocate 


Community and charity promotion.

You can find out more about Samantha's DV ambassador work and Mission here. Through her personal life experience, commitment to practicing the continual inner work and connecting with women, she will be showing women how to feel powerful, trusting in their intuition and taking the courageous steps to Unleashing their Fierce Warrior Woman.

What does FIERCE mean? Click the below to find out.

# Fierce AF


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Whats included in the Fierce AF family.

Every week we break down the Foundations of the Fierce AF acronym with daily videos and content. 

Week 1 - Introduction and Intention setting.

Find your goal and core needs. 
Week 2 - Understanding Radical Responsibility.

Look at the light and dark of yourself and love all of it.

Week 3 - Intuition and how to use it.

Understanding how to listen and when to surrender.

Week 4- What your reflection is showing.

What lessons are calling in.?
Week 5 -Self Awareness and Acceptance.

How to integrate all the lessons.

Week 6 - Being a role model for your family.

Conscious choices and your best life.

Week 7 - Breakthrough and ignite your fire.

Harness who you are.

Week 8 - Realizing your potential and setting your intentions. 

Get ready to evolve and step up.  

Weekly 60 min Motivation session every Monday AEST

Weekly 90 min online Masterclass every Wednesday AEST

Weekly the weekend FIERCE FIREUP.

#Fierce AF

 Power of 3...

Speak your Truth

Shine your Light

Stand in your power.

The services provided by Samantha Moir have been specifically created to allow women who have suffered in silence, felt the crushing depletion of their self esteem and still hold fear going forward into future relationships.

The #Fierce AF family, ambassadorship and personal values are centered around these core FOUNDATIONS, VALUES & PRINCIPLES. Every process is set in a trinity. 

The focus:

Speak your truth

Shine your light,

Stand in your power.

 The foundations:

Past, Present, Future

Gratitude, Action, Intuition 

Self, Community, Collective.

The Principles:

Radical Responsibility 


Role Model

The Values:






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