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What I do...

Content creation and programs for anyone who wants to explore the topics that I am interested in, 
Emotional Intelligence, cognitive behavior, communication, taboo issues,  business and social interaction.


My mission is to show and role model for my followers how to discuss complex ideas through nuanced conversations. Creating emotional and cognitive context around social, political and ideological topics by creating content, courses,programs, interviewing guests, playing devil’s advocate and sharing a multitude of facts, anecdotes and experiences.


Accredited and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Accredited and Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach

Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator find out more about me here.

I only work with 4 clients every 3 months, send your Expression of interest here if you would like more information.

 Lets start with what you should expect from this page

Blogs, Podcasts, Videos discussing complex issues and exploring ideas.

Committed to freedom speech, dedicated to learning and devoted to understanding the human experience.

This page advocates for open, honest and respectful debates. 
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Beginners Guide to creating strong boundaries. 

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Beginners Guide to creating your boundaries.

Beginners Guide to creating your boundar

- Boundaries, your chosen rules of engagements that align with your personal values.

It is your prerogative to be as rigid or as flexible with your boundaries based on your own intuition and values.

—  Samantha Moir - 

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