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Connecting through conversation.

Without conversation all we have violence and disconnection. 
We need more real-life conversations, sharing stories, experiences, ideas and debates. WE need more discernment, more understanding and honest communication about what is causing polarization and separation.
 Writing blogs and articles with my thoughts and the experiences of others allow a personal and in-depth, real life conversation. 

Social topics, trending topics and debatable ideas, this is where we start talking.


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Real topics, Real conversation.

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I’m Sam, 

✨Podcaster, Blogger and lover of human behaviour.✨

✨I am passionate human behaviour, feel sure, if we connect, I will want to know you fully and understand the depths of who are. 
✨My mission has always been to help people be themselves in full acceptance of their polarities,personalities, experiences and abilities but also I adore a giggle at the crazy funny things we do in our beautiful neurotic human lives.

Connect with me.

Beginners Guide to creating your boundaries.

Beginners Guide to creating your boundar

- Boundaries, your chosen rules of engagements that align with your personal values.

It is your prerogative to be as rigid or as flexible with your boundaries based on your own intuition and values.

—  Samantha Moir - Soul Strategist

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