"Empowering women to love themselves fully; to embrace the sacred sista-hood by Unleashing your Fierce Warrior Woman."

Are you ready to Unleash your Fierce Warrior Woman yet?

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I am a women's empowerment leader, leading by example to the women of my community that power and strength begins with vulnerability and radical honesty. I do this by sharing videos,events, speeches, womens circles and groups that inspire and empower women to fully love all themselves. which in turn supports the sist-ahood and unleashes their inner fierce warrior woman.

I am avid lover of women and women joining together to support the divine sista-hood. A women's empowerment warrior leading the charge with connecting and creating confidence for women to GO GET IT!
GO GET what you want,
GO GET that dream relationship,
GO GET the dreams you've been creating in mind and make it a reality.

I do that by leading by example and doing the work and being a role model for emotional expression, confidence and vulnerability.

Being Fierce means you are FIRE, you FIERCELY love, you FIERCELY express, you FIERCELY trust, you FIERCELY connect.

Always being told she was "too much" Samantha progressively and extensively practices the deep inner work & self acceptance to emulate the Fierce and Powerful Warrior Woman she helps her clients reach. Learning to embrace and be the best version of herself, Samantha wants to support women and mothers to unlock their most authentic selves.Samantha has many roles within her community. To learn more about Samantha and her experience you can see more about here.

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Warrior Woman Circle

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Warrior Woman FIERCE & FIRE

See the weekly event that we run to shows your how to unleash your Warrior Woman to be FIERCE and FIRE.



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The tribe foundations.

Speak your Truth

Shine your Light

Stand in your power.

The services provided by Samantha Moir have been specifically created to allow women who have suffered in silence, felt the crushing depletion of their self esteem and still hold fear going forward into future relationships, work and life..

The personal values are centered around these core FOUNDATIONS, VALUES & PRINCIPLES. Every process is set in a trinity. 

The focus:

Speak your truth

Shine your light,

Stand in your power.

 The foundations:

Past, Present, Future

Gratitude, Action, Intuition 

Self, Community, Collective.

The Principles:

Radical Responsibility 


Role Model

The Values:






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