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Communication that connects.

What I do...

Teaching clients how to build relationships and connection through direct and assertive communication.
Certified Emotional Intelligence, cognitive behavior, and relationship workshop facilitator, I teach my clients how to deepen their relationships, create copy for sales pages and written content that nurtures brand loyalty and engagement.

The foundation to every business, relationships or your personal life is connection through your communication.

If you want it, ask for it.
If you want to sell it, explain it.
If you want to share it, connect over it.

Your communication is the MOST powerful tool you need to create your next opportunity.

I will show you how to speak up without fear of judgement,
I will show you how to avoid the blame game,

I will show you how to side step the passive aggressive dance,
I will show you how to be clear and concise in your copy,
I will show how to create connections with your audience,
I will show you how to be the authority in your industry,
I will show you how to write copy that is direct and clear.
I will show YOU how to cultivate loyal, aspiring and fulfilling connections through confident communication.


My mission for my clients, myself and the impact I want to have is listed here.

  • Accredited and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • Accredited and Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach

  • Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator find out more about me here.

I only work with 4 clients every 3 months, send your Expression of interest here if you would like more information.

 Lets start with what you should expect from this page

Blogs, Podcasts, Videos discussing and exploring ideas about connection, communication, copy and content.

Committed to freedom speech, dedicated to teaching and devoted to understanding the human experience.

We help you speak your truth and translate it to paper and your audience. 
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Beginners Guide to creating your boundaries.

Beginners Guide to creating your boundar

- Boundaries, your chosen rules of engagements that align with your personal values.

It is your prerogative to be as rigid or as flexible with your boundaries based on your own intuition and values.

—  Samantha Moir - 

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