I specialise in helping you connect and expand your energetic talents.
Tap into your intuition, learn how to navigate your inner guidance system to make clear,concise and confident choices for your future.


Hi there, I'm Sam, 

I’m inviting you to join and witness my journey from crazy over worked "conventional' modern day living to transitioning into a more centralized family dynamic.

We have recently decided to home school our 11 and 9 year old boys this year, I will be sharing the process of that and how we juggle my successful home based hair salon, home schooling, housework and living in a way that nurtures and invests in our selves and family.

We have also decided to transition to a tox and waste free family ( where possible ).
Home veggie patch, creating homemade naturally based products, creating recipes and ways to limit waste and preservatives.

Finding ways to explore my passions, for me is energy reading content creation.
With experience as a freelance writer, I'll be sharing my blog, articles and 'op Eds' on all the topics listed above. 

I love contributing to heart centred people, writing courses for community minded individuals looking to expand their energetic connection.

Ill be offering tarot card readings to women who are at the beginning of their journey in these areas and how changing your mindset and reestablishing boundaries, priorities and intention can create the life you want to live from fulfillment, purpose and love.

So that's my focus, from here, you can watch my channel on YouTube, read the blogs, see the products, book a hair session or book a consultation for your next reading.

Click on the 'About' section to learn more about me and the journey that made me arrive at this point.

I would love to connect with you on social media and share your experiences with me too.

Cant wait to begin this adventure with you.

Lets chat soon...

Sam xxx





Laptop On Tray


Blogs dedicated to documenting our family journey through homeschooling, transitioning to tox and waste free living, hair tips from my home based salon, mindset hacks, products and recipes I've tried and helping you on your energetic expansion.

PLUS you'll see some of copy writing work, portfolio and articles that have been printed.

Shooting content


Watch all the videos, vlogs and shorts of my  journey, my thoughts the of the content covering a range of topics.

Connect with me and share all your comments and feedback.