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5 Toxic Communication Styles that hurt your relationship.

Are you in a relationship where your partner withholds, gives your the silent treatment or speaks to you with passive aggression. It can hurt your relationship and each other.

Toxic communication can be the end to most relationships, if you cant spot the toxicity, you'll be stuck in a loop of sadness and pain forever.

The power to recognize the toxic communication in your relationships and personal interactions can become the difference between happily every and divorced.

I want to show you the 5 toxic communication styles PLUS 6 tips that help you turn it around and be proactive in your relationship..

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What you'll learn in this Ebook.

The 5 toxic communication styles that hurt your relationships has been created to help you understand the toxic communication styles that stop you from growing and evolving and teach you how to create a loving and mutually supportive relationship.
Communication is the foundation for a strong relationship and should be taught as skill with every couple, we are happy to share our strategies and knowledge with you to help elevate your communication skills both in your marriage and in your life.

Learn with this E-book how to identify the 5 major toxic communication styles and the 6 tips on how to create an open,honest and kind relationship you have been craving.

Created by Samantha Moir

Samantha Moir a certified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour coach and energy reader. Advocate for women and former radio host,communication is here strength.

Sam teaches,guides and mentors women to communicate,take radical responsibility, activate their feminine power and self acceptance.
Learn more about Samantha here.


Identify your relationship and make it work for you.

3 Core Foundations

Toxic Communication

Identify the toxic communication styles and how you can re-crate it to your benefits.

Radical Responsibility

Who are you in your relationships, who are you in your life. Are you being the best version of yourself.

Solution Focused

Do you know how to be a supportive kind partner? Do you know what you what you are working towards.

Happy Couple

Download this Ebook Today!

You can grab your copy of the 5 toxic communication styles that hurt relationships before it goes main stream.

See the actions and behaviours within the relationships and learn how to maximize it to your advantage.

Read your copy today, for only $2.99


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