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Hey there!
I’m Samantha, please call me Sam.

I would love to share why I'm so excited to help driven and motivated women like you.
I've always been Entrepreneural minded. I have created businesses, side hustles and worked as a self-employed sub-contractor.

Having my beautiful family meant that I needed to prioritise time and income. I wanted to be able to parent my children and be home as much as possible but also contributing & following my own creative passions.

Being a woman who loves to learn and be immersed in a topic that I find fascinating has helped me move my business, family and social circle forward. The knowledge I've gained & researched is the information I want to share with you.

Relationships, for me, are the centre of everything.

Valuing people and creating working rapport and culture in businesses is what takes a good business to an outstanding & successful business.

In 2021, I decided to quit my full-time job and start my own business, home-based hairdressing, organic skin care beauty line and my consulting business.
We decided during Covid that being home to oversee our children, choosing to homeschool at the same time.

I love helping women starting businesses, teaching resourcefulness and creating businesses with low overheads to help create their financial freedom while also honouring their relationships and family.

I want to show and share all the knowledge and the lessons I've learned.

A little about my experience:

Qualified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour Coach,

Small tarot reading, intuitive readings (while my children where under 5) 

DV Advocate - Created self defence classes for women (had to end when covid lockdowns started.)
Warrior Women Network (blogging platform for women in small business) 
Previous Radio Host - Warrior Women Radio
Freelance copy writing and PR work.

As you can see most of my work gravitates towards people and being face to face. With vast experience in customer service.

Follow me social media to see my journey or send an email to ask questions.

Looking forward to connecting with you.




Empowering women to self-advocate & inspire heart centred confidence with personal responsibility, assertive communication and set of integrity-based values that feeds through their lives and their work.


Creating a generation of heart centred women who align with their personal purpose and focus on authentic relationship building to uplift healthier social interactions.


Integrity, personal responsibility. kindness, respect, forgiveness, accountability, honesty and fun.


Impacting the mind of my clients through sessions and content to learn that you can immediately activate a new perspective and illuminate your personal power, strategies and create real life solutions.

Focus and Structure

We help women who are facing these particular challenges:
People pleasing

Disrespect both to self and from others



Passive agreement

Guilt & Shame 

Self-repression and oppression

We focus on the desired outcomes with strategies that create confidence in being able to cultivate:

Clear commitments to choices


Intention and time

Values & principles

Assertive communication

Self-derived worth

Support & respect

Elevation and advocacy

Personal responsibility.

Mission, Vision, Value
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