Oh hey there!
My name is Samantha, please call me Sam.

Thanks for dropping by and connecting with me. I want to share a little about me.

Lets start with the labels that I love!
I'm a Gemini, many moods, deep thinker, HUGE communicator and completely unpredictable and flighty.
On the ( Briggs & Myers ) Personality test, I am an ENFP-A, It is ME! 
Google it, you'll understand me waaaaaayy more.

I am a mother of two incredibly boys, they are my ACTUAL meaning to life.

My purpose is always anchored to and for them.

I am water baby, swimming helps me be calm and creative at the same time and with my gemini brain, I need all the help I can get.

Writing, creating websites and find-a-word puzzles are my jam and I am aware that I sound like I am 87 years old.

You'll  find me dancing like a crazy person in my car, talking on the phone for hours to my friends and obsessively down the latest rabbit hole on topics of philosophy,human behaviour and history.

Food is the centre of my life, I have boys after all, but I prefer going to restaurants and spending as much time somewhere I have never been.

Also I have my own PR business, MOIR PR...check it out here.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you have any questions for me,

please send me an email>>>>>> EMAIL ME HERE

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Samantha Moir