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Hey there!
I’m Samantha, please call me Sam.

All my life I have had a special gift of insight and innate trust for the process of my intuition.
It has led me to people, places and opportunities that have both served me and been the catalyst for major changes and growth in my life.


I believe intuition when used and respected can be your inner guidance system that directs and leads you on your correct path.

This year, I decided to quit my full time job and start my home based hairdressing business, a few months later we decided to home school our children and begin on a new journey.


My intuition told me it was right, but my mind didn't agree. If you had asked me a year ago if we would have made this change, I would have laughed and called you nuts.


The universe showed me the reward for the decision. I had been saying that I wanted to spend more time with my kids, wanted to centre and prioritize home life and invest in relationships over status.
Then, with COVID the kids were unstable at school, we had flooding which if they had been there, I wouldn't be able to reach them, then with fuel prices we would have been spending a fortune going back and forth.

I am passionate about helping women feel more confident and settled in their lives by reconnecting with their intuition and trusting that you know who you are and your choices that you make are right for you.

I want to show and share all the knowledge I have and the lessons I've learned . Once you reconnect with yourself everything you need to know is already answered.

A little about my experience :

Qualified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour Coach,

I help you with mentoring BUT I'm also experienced for over 11 years, tarot reading, intuitive readings.

DV Advocate 
Warrior Women Network
Previous Radio Host - Warrior Women Radio
Fierce and Free Coaching.

Now, I am going to share courses, Ebooks, audios and sessions to help you become the most connected you can be with your biggest supporter, you.

Follow me social media to see my journey or send an email to ask questions.

Looking forward to connecting with you.




Empowering women to self-advocate & inspire heart centred confidence with personal responsibility, assertive communication and set of integrity based values.


Creating a generation of heart centred women who align with their personal purpose and personal power.


Integrity, personal responsibility. kindness, respect, forgiveness, accountability, honesty and fun.


Impacting the mind of my clients through sessions and content to learn that you can immediately activate a new perspective and illuminate your personal power, strategies and create real life solutions.

Mentoring structure

We help women who are facing these particular challenges:
People pleasing

Disrespect both to self and from others



Passive agreement

Guilt & Shame 

Self-repression and oppression

We focus on the desired outcomes with strategies that create confidence in being able to cultivate:

Clear commitments to choices


Intention and time

Values & principles

Assertive communication

Self-derived worth

Support & respect

Elevation and advocacy

Personal responsibility.

Moir Organics

Moir Organics
Mission, Vision, Value

Would you like products that are made from natural and organic products?
Are you looking for home made products created with intention?
Are you ready to use skin care that could help your eczema ?

Learn more about the Moir Organics brand.

Products that make you feel good from opening,using and re-purposing the packaging.
More Moir Organics and the commitment to your skin.


Moir Hair Designs

Moir Hair Designs




~ Feel fabulous at family friendly prices.~

My home based hair salon in Toowoomba, helps clients,women, particularly mothers who want to arrive at quiet and relaxing space for a 1:1 session at prices that allow them to have many trips to salon throughout the year.

With over 32 5 star reviews on my Fresha app,you can see the results and the recommendations.

Browse some of the photos of before and after pics below.

Follow me on Instagram @moirhairdesigns

Or on Facebook @moirhairdesigns

Click the link below to see full price list and availability 

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