My name is Sam. I’m inviting you to join and witness my journey from crazy control freak to … well would say to some my next adventure is just straight up …. Crazy.

I am literally UNlearning all the advice, societal norms and just the utter BS I believed made me happy that left me feeling completely drained. For anyone who knew me, what I’m about to share, this won’t even sound like me…. Like at all. Especially if you go and stalk my social media from 2-3 years ago… You’ll see the huge difference, it’s actually shocking. I was the crazy feminist, the boss bitch, the women should do it all.

Today, my values are completely different for myself. I had to sit back and look at myself and decide that no matter how hard it tried to tick all those boxes, be the ultimate boss babe or find my purpose… I had actually missed the true purpose of my life.

Family. *** Vin Diesel Voice**

It’s a long story, from where I was, to where I am now… was a bitter pill to swallow. Being a single parent, Reconnecting within my relationship with their dad, Letting go of the financial responsibility If you want the nitty gritty of that, the real story of who I was, the realizations and growth you'll see in my content.


It will give you an idea of exactly how I had perpetually created and recreated the damaging patterns and how I discovered a better way of living for me and my family. This website is dedicated to documenting, sharing and experiencing my new path, discovering how making conscious choice to happy can uncover some confronting truths. Getting back to basics of what holds meaning in my life.


Traditionally modern. My journey to reconnecting to femininity, family & Freedom. My choice to lean into my femininity…

Learning to let go of control and passing it my partner. Learning my presence as parent is paramount, Understanding my fulfillment is derived from the investment of time, emotional availability and nurturing of my family. That my needs do not come first, that when my family are content, cared for and centred in certainty and love, then I don’t need to be running from my life because when I love and act from love, the fulfillment and respect follows. Starting the day with my families needs first makes me happy, that I feel fulfillment when my family is happy, first. That respect is reciprocated, when I step into my power of femininity.

Understanding that relationships are hard. That real joy grows from fulfilling my roles and duties in my relationships rather that what I feel is owed to me. It is a total unlearning EVERYTHING I’ve ever known. And it works…

So I want to share the goals I have going forward for my family, relationship and myself.

For starters, I wanted to be home… You’ll see the story in my about section. I worked full time as a hotel receptionist, my kids in holiday care every day of school holidays for 11 hours a day. They were over it and the money didn’t appease my guilt. So I quit. Started my own Home salon that within 3 months, was making the same income as my full time job for half the hours and I had my kids home with me. I’ve decided to go back to writing, copy writing, blogs, articles, Ebooks and event copy for community centred groups.

That is how I contribute, sharing my knowledge, sharing my marketing background and understanding on how to connect with your community with integrity.

My Family and I have decided to transition to limited toxin use in our household. You’ll see all the recipes, wins and fails of creating natural based recyclable products. We will be a homeschooling family this year, embarking on this adventure to work one on one with our kids and teach them practical life skills and also hit the areas they couldn’t get the individualised support in school.
Plus ++  You' ll see my inner "witch" coming out.  Tarot  cards, herbs and medicine and following moon cycles.
Phew… sounds like a lot hey… I’m so excited to share this journey with you.

For you to see that seriously… If I, a crazy control freak can do a back flip and change my entire life for better, especially from the depths of conditioning I was under to embarking o homeschooling, creating my own products, writing and running my own business and being the happiest I’ve ever been.

You definitely can do it too.

Check out my blogs, videos and socials to see the journey .