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 ✨I’m Sam,✨

🌀Here is a little bit about me;🌀

♊️I am a true Gemini, the communicator, creative, listener, deep thinker and loud with my expression. Embracing all that I am, my work reflects the acceptance, love and appreciation that has guided me to where I am today.

Accredited and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Accredited and Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach

Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator

Contributor to Domestic Violence Action Plan in my region.

Business Owner

Mother of 2 boys

Passionate about women speaking assertively.

Dedicated to creating content.

Samantha Moir

Here’s some of my experience.

Speaking twice at the Toowoomba’s small business expo 

Promoted, Collaborated and MC’d with countless charities,

including black dog ride,

Toowoomba hospital foundation,

Now is awesome breast cancer fundraiser,
Melbourne cup events,
Warrior women networking events,
Queensland Mental health Symposium,
Help Enterprises disability awareness,
 Toowoomba Christmas Parade.

Previous Radio host on Toowoomba’s PowerFm,
Promoted, attended and interviewed local women in business, charities, Unleash the beast mental health symposium, local artists, local authors and live broadcasts at community driven events.

✨Interviewing major celebrities such as Ray Martin, Lisa Messenger, Clementine Ford, Craig Hamilton, Samuel Johnson, Tara Pitt, Shar Moore and Australian Film Director of the Merger.✨


My experience with promoting, marketing and advertising for the numerous charities, community driven initiatives and being included in events with so many entrepreneurs, innovators and community advocates is extensive.
I learned website design, content creation from audio editing and uploading, graphic design work for social media marketing, video editing, and ebook authoring.

Copy writing was part of the requirements that elevated the guests locally, while creating awareness for brands and charities
I received press releases and understood the importance of writing a kick ass sales page.
Writing for magazine since I was 18 and understood the importance of capturing attention through the written word.

After completing my certifications, I  feel I have a deep understanding on power of communication  both personally and professionally
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My Mission

My mission is to literally to be myself... that it is all.
I have ALWAYS loved creating digital content, blogs, ebooks,videos and challenges. I am committed to deepening my relationships and staying in line with what has always been important to me, truth, kindness , support and people.

My Mission for clients
For you to feel confident in every situation that requires you to speak up for yourself. In your relationships, your workplace and your inner self.

My Mission for creating impact.

Connecting  100,000 People to confident communication techniques that changes the direction of their lives from settling to succeeding.

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