I mentor clients who are wanting greater, deeper fulfilment for themselves, a deep connection in their families and actively support their communities. 

By looking at these three areas through the lens of personal responsibility, leadership and accountability. Strength grows from self-belief, integrity cultivates trust, empathy inspires connection.


This is how I deliver my programs, workshops and sessions. I believe in embracing who you are, I believe in facing yourself and still wanting to be better with love, not shame.

I believe in the level of honesty and seeing yourself for real. When you see yourself it creates more empathy for others.

I vow to lead by example,

I vow that every action and reaction. I believe that everything I do in my life positive or negative begins with me,

I vow that with every choice I make doing the right thing is not an easy thing.

I vow that for growth to happen I am going to face being wrong.
I vow to not make excuses, defend or shutoff from discomfort. Every situation is there for me to make choices.

I vow to devote time to people and my community that isn't for my gain or social media notoriety.

I vow that truth comes with pain, mine and others.

I vow that love is work. I vow to work at it every day.


Imperfect humans who are trying to be better, who want to be proud of themselves in the short and long term, those who want to create better stronger communities.

Leadership isn't telling someone what to do,
Leadership is supporting people to make their own choices.
Being a positive influence isn't being insanely happy,
Influence is having the ability to empower people to respect and honour themselves.Living with purpose isn't your job.
Living with purpose is choosing to contribute to your growth, your family & community. 

If you would like more information about me and how I work send me an email on:


Samantha Moir