What does FIERCE AF mean.

Do you want to be #FIERCE AF?

FIERCE is an attitude,

FIERCE is in your action,

FIERCE is in your femininity,

FIERCE is trust and surrender,

FIERCE is listening your intuition.









What does Fierce AF mean?

Samantha Moir 
Women's Confidence Coach.

How you can be #Fierce AF.

Samantha Moir is a passionate, driven and #Fierce Warrior Woman, who loves to connect and meet women who are ready to step into their power of individuality, strength, vulnerability and femininity. She has created a space that provides content, tools and techniques for women to embody these traits immediately. 


Always being told she was "too much" Samantha progressively and extensively practices the deep inner work & self acceptance to emulate the Fierce and Powerful Warrior Woman she helps her clients reach. Learning to embrace and be the best version of herself, Samantha wants to support women and mothers to unlock their most authentic selves.

Samantha is a true Gemini, the communicator, creative, listener, deep thinker and loud with her expression. 
Embracing all that she is, Sam has created different and creative ways to help impact and guide women through their FIERCE Warrior Woman journey. If you have questions or would like more information send an email here.

Read more on the Home page to see how the Power of 3 has shaped her coaching calls, radio show and Ambassadorship. These values and principles have helped shape how women live and change their mindset, action and utilizing their intuition.

Here is a list of the Values, Principles and Practices she uses:


Past, Present, Future

Gratitude, Action, Intuition 

Self, Community, Collective.


Radical Responsibility 


Role Model





Samantha is actively finds ways to help and lift women to their greatest potential. She has different and creative ways to do this.

Samantha Moir is:

Womens Confidence Coach,

Womens advocate
Radio Presenter

DV & Family Violence Ambassador

Charity and Community events promoter.

Read more about these services here.


Sam is driven to help women on an individual level, becoming the Womens' Confidence Coach with Mind, Body and Soul Coaching calls, The FIERCE Embodiment program and Embrace you Darkness to Embody the Light 1:1 Coaching. See more about her programs here.


Samantha also created the Fierce AF Collective with over 700  Women, it is the place for women to collectively share as a tribe all the areas of life that they want to share. From family, relationships,business and hobbies. It is open space to share who you are and what you love to create in the world. You can join the FIERCE AF Collective.


Samantha was also a radio presenter on PowerFm in Toowoomba. With her own show the Warrior Women Radio show.The show is giving women the ability to be platformed throughout the Toowoomba region and online . It highlights the inspiration and courage women display every day that is supporting their communities. If you would like to join the show you can, by scrolling below to the contact section.


Samantha is an Ambassador and advocate to raise awareness for Domestic and Family Violence working particularly with women. You can read more about this by clicking the link here.
If you would like to join the Women who are CHOOSING to be FIERCE and powerful you can book a Free Discovery Call. to fin out what service fits your life.

 Book a call by clicking the link below.

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