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Speak your truth in your relationship.

Grab the Assertive Communication Worksheet here for less than a $1

Assertive Communication Worksheet

This worksheet was created to help you learn how to speak your truth, honour your feelings while being respectful AND reducing conflict. WE focus on self awareness, identifying your needs and being solution focused.
If you would like the easiest and quickest template that you can use in your relationships, work and family to speak up and move through difficult conversation without the disrespect this worksheet is for you.
Oh did I mention this 12 page Ebook is less than a $1?

Grab your copy and immediately stop communicating from pain and start communicating your inner power.


Created by Samantha Moir

Samantha Moir a certified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour coach. Advocate for women and former radio host,communication is here strength.

Sam teaches,guides and mentors women to communicate,take radical responsibility, activate their feminine power and self acceptance.
Learn more about Samantha here.

Have a quick look at the content.

In this worksheet you'll learn

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Assertive communication intro.jpg
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You can grab a copy of the worksheet here for less than a $1

Grab your 12 page worksheet with full break down of how to communicate like a pro in every aspect of your life without self sacrificing!

Grab your copy here!


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