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Slay in
7 days

Welcome to the Slay in 7 days Audio Training.
Listen to the Audio series for the next week and be ready to SLAY QUEEN!

Every Audio is accompanied by a downloadable resource for you to work through.
Listen to the audio below for the foundations I bring and what you can provide yourself through the process.  

Slay in 7 days

Audio #1- Lets start from the Beginning -

What are you afraid of.

Lets begin by understanding where you have come from and why you feel the way you do.

What are you afraid of by being yourself?
How is affecting your personality and energy?
When has this pre-determined idea of the outcome created from?
Are you acting and speaking from fear or self assurance of your own ability?

This is Audio has been recorded to ask you these questions and break down how you could be sabotaging your own growth and success.

Lets begin here >>>>>

Slay in 7 days

Audio #2- You are just like every one else

~ The beauty of this audio is we break down the inner self talk, where you make a story and INSANE belief systems that you have shaped for yourself...
- I don't deserve it,
- I am not experienced enough,
- I am not good enough.

But you have every right, you have every ability to create, you have every opportunity to be seen and heard.
You have the right to feel happy and self loving and respected.

This Audio will be break down the thought process, belief systems and stories. 
YOU have all the RIGHT in the world to RECEIVE, OWN and BE the person you know you are.

Slay in
7 days

Audio #3- Get outta your own damn way.

You are the creator of success or the insidious saboteur.
By now, you can identify your fear and know you are valuable and deserving of all the accomplishments you wish to achieve....
If you consciously or subconsciously creating drama, scarcity, challenges or negative self fulfilling prophecies to keep you in a perpetual state of pain..... 
You never anchor to any other experience other than that of disappointment, dismay and despair.
You need to get outta your own damn way, this audio will breakdown how to do it so you can stand up and SLAY.

Slay in
7 days

Audio #4- Ummm Excuse me?!

Communication is the KEY to your SLAY Vibes.

How you ask for help,
How you create opportunities,
How you cultivate friendships,
How you deepen your relationship.

Its one thing being able to communicate when you want something, its another thing when you are trying to manage challenges, boundary enforcement and taking charge of a difficult situation.

You only know what you know, I know communication.
Uplifting and respectful communication.

This Audio was recorded with the goal to help you become a communicating superstar.

Slay in
7 days

Audio #5- That doesn't work for me.

We are really stepping into your SLAY energy, time to start the embodiment and bravery process.

Time to assign your boundaries,
Move towards what is right and away from what isn't,
Cull relationships that are draining,
Take positive actions,
More action and refinement about who you are and what you need more of,
Routines and behaviors that serve you,
The bigger picture kinda stuff.

You should feel your value and clarity around what people, actions and environments you will accept and what you won't.

Slay in
7 days

Audio #6 -So within, so without

Forgiveness, patience, acceptance and love.

If you apply it to yourself, you will see it everywhere.
This audio was recorded to help you understand the power of creation, manifestation, 
and connection.

All of which begins with you, you want to SLAY, you will absorb the qualities you want to see in the world and be that.

Healed, kind, loving, forgiving, supportive and encouraging.
You will be your own advocate.

Slay in
7 days

Audio #7- SLAY QUEEN

Are you feeling it now!
The SLAY Vibes.
 You have now completely overhauled and aligned your TRUE self with the version you always wanted to be, although you didn't know how.

Lets recap everything you have learned and elevated yourself to become:
Your fears and how in every moment you have sovereignty in your choices and what you accept,
You have exactly the same rights as everyone else, remember your worth and own it.
You know your weakness but you also know your strengths, get outta your own damn way and speak up,
You used to hide and diminish your presence,now you are ready to speak up.
Before now, you were afraid to enforce your boundaries, NOW, you be in your integrity.. always.
Harnessing your energy and creating the reflection you want to see.

The consolidation of the learning and embodiment in this audio, will have you ready to SLAY QUEEN.

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