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Reconnecting to Femininty, Family and Freedom

Welcome to my blog, I'm so glad you're here.

I love to share what I've learnt along our journey to help anyone else who is looking for support in homeschooling, running a home based business, creating more homemade natural products and reviews on different books,movies and experiences.
Getting in touch with nature, intuition and accessing ancestral knowledge, you'll find me pulling tarot cards, making home made scrubs and connecting with women who want to learn more about their inner power.

As you've probably seen in my services area, I am a copy writer for people who align with my message and the areas I love to write about...
Coaching, family,community events, creating your life, tox free living and homeschooling.

If you're interested in a new way of living, a more traditional and connected way, back to nature, creating,wrting and asking the deeper questions about relationships, low tox and accessing the strength of intuition, This is the blog for you.

Send me products or recipes to try to :

with love,
Sam xx

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