Are you aware that YOU may be the saboteur in your life?
Are you aware that you are the creator and the destroyer of opportunities, 
Are you seeing the delineation between comfort and safety?

In this video we share examples where you could be destroyer all the opportunities that you are trying to create, 

The importance of understanding what safety does and what it doesn't do,

How you can create a plan for your inner saboteur.

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$7 + Bonus Ebook

If you have been experiencing.... and lets face it... we all have, conflict and challenges when trying to communicate in your relationships.

The emotional reaction, the frustration, the feeling of powerlessness and confusion of circular conversations.

It creates damage, resentment and anger.

Relationships can't grow from a place of resentment, it grows from respect.

It's up to you to redirect and redefine how your relationships work. This is why I wrote this 5 minute mind makeover, 5 ways to conquer passive aggressive communication in your relationships.

So you can learn how to garner and role model the respect you deserve and be in the relationships you deserve.

The ebook includes



The silent treatment,


& Passive Aggressive Communication.

5 tips to conquer even the most stubborn person with a BONUS Tip included.

The goal for this ebook; You will feel aware of the conversation you are having, with the tools for changing the direction from negative to positive with ease and grace.

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Self Discovery- Reconnect with your true Self

- Workbook-

How easy it is to lose yourself with the responsibility and obligations we have in life.

Exchanging creativity for cleaning,
Passing on socialising for organisation,
Forgetting freedom and expression for routine and responsibility.

The importance of reconnecting with yourself is soooooo far down the line of all the things you SHOULD be doing,
You forget all the things you ENJOY doing

You've done it;

Switched the music off,
Passed on a night out,
Filled your time with stuff to "get in front" but that time for you is never available.
Felt barron with ideas when someone asks you " What do you do for fun?"
Turned away from enrolling in a course because of the "inconvenience" it will cause others.
Or the BIG ONE....
Have absolutely no idea what you even WANT to do, because its been so long you, yourself don't know what you enjoy anymore?!

This Workbook is for you;
The person who wants the prompts to ask the inner questions,
To find out what your driving passion is,
To discover what makes you unique,
To reconnect with the love of what sets your soul on fire.

You want to see YOU again, not a wife, mother, friend, daughter,sister, worker or member... JUST YOU.

This Workbook takes you there, asks YOU the questions, the definition and reconnects you with your values.


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Slay in 7 Days - Audio Series -

NOW $47 !!!

You can SLAY in 7 days.... how?!

By reclaiming your power...

Not the BS hair flicking and struting but taking your power back from your inner critic,
Taking the power back from all the energy you freely give away while you leave yourself with nothing.
Taking the power back for all the situations you should have spoke up and stood up for.

Take the power back, own it and take your first steps into the world where you can be your own cheerleader, your own bestie and your own authentic self.

Remembering who the F you are, isn't enough.
You need to absorb it,
You need to believe it,
You need to BE it.

Your SLAY energy is about YOU.
Confidence and clear about what you want,
Energetic and aligned in your purpose,
Fearless and courageous when you commit to your dreams,
Unwilling to settle for a life that holds you back,
Ready and excited to embrace challenges because you know you are worth the effort,
Open to experiences and committed to learning,
Centred and grounded in your self worth,
Unwaivering and certain in your experiences,
Brave and a Badass in your passions and personal drivers.

You will absorb, believe and embody the SLAY energy in 7 days because you know YOU need to get outta your own damn way and go get it.

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~ How to walk the walk, Slay in real life. ~

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