DOmestic Violence

Samantha Moir is a Domestic Violence and Family Violence Ambassador. 



To halve the stats for women living with domestic violence by 2024 by educating and empowering women to take their power back.

The statistics for Australia are absolutely appalling, 1 in 4 women in Australia will be affected by DV. These statistics cover ALL women from every background, every race, every socioeconomic demographic and location.

Sam is driven and on fire to bring the awareness to the country about the warning signs, the mental health aspect and the extreme safety issues. Her main driving force is to stop the violence at its source with both victims and perpetrators. 

Every woman will become self aware, self empowered and practice self love to end the cycle of violence by healing their pain and creating their own power. 

Radical Responsibility for everyone,
Reflection on the past stigmas to create future solutions.

Role model for the next generation of women that open, connected communication, creates stronger communities.

Domestic Violence has always been underpinned with mental health issues. Whether beginning with abandonment, family and inter-generational exposure, self esteem issues, role models and traumatic experiences. The problem with Domestic and Family violence is the latter end of symptoms and problems that has been manifesting itself from despair and neglect. 

WE need more honesty,

WE need more authenticity

WE need EVERYONE to create changes.

DOmestic Violence

If we look at domestic violence on a scale.
Domestic Abuse is on one end, Domestic violence on the other. WE need to address the initial problem and the escalation to violence in tandem with each other. WE need to speak about abuse from the beginning by creating open conversation, the only way to avoid the end result or the criminal behavior is cure the problem at its origin. 
Mental health and the lack of understanding stems from a lack of self worth, trust, self esteem respect, boundaries, control, emotion regulation and understanding personal needs. 

Many Australians, victims and perpetrators alike, suffer with issues that affect their mental health. Depression, anxiety and psychological problems affect how they look at relationships,how the cope with stress and pressure,who they look to for guidance and comfort. Co-dependency, control and ownership all become the emotional crutch that creates intense volatile dynamics.

1 in 6 women experience depression

1 in 3 women will experience anxiety

Source:  - -

1 in 6 women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a cohabiting partner since the age of 15.

2,800 women where hospitalized after assault by a spouse or partner 2014-2015.

Source: - -



The cycle needs to stop, the most shocking cycle is that repetition.

generational, behavioral reenactments, the continual pattern of extreme dominance and dangerous submission.  

The perpetrator in most cases have been the victim in their past, 

Their victim can become a perpetrator of domestic abuse out of defence and fear of the repetition within their cycle.

The victim can also seek out other relationships that repeat the cycle of abuse from low self esteem,

The perpetrator is highly likely to seek out more victims in the future.

WE can not stop the cycles of abuse by only focusing in one area.
Victims of abuse need support to identify their self worth, intuition, self esteem and rights.

Perpetrators need help to learn and identify their anger management and mental health
Both areas need work, both areas need support 

WE can stop Domestic violence occurring if we focus on the origin,
Mental Health.


There are numerous of National providers who can assist both victims and perpetrators. Here are lists of contact numbers to help you.

If you are in any danger or need immediate assistance please

Call 000.

If you would like to fund some of the amazing charities and organsations in Australia supporting people through this process you can here.

Coaching with Substance.

Beyond Blue

1800 Respect

White Ribbon Australia

SANE Australia 

To contact Samantha regarding speaker, ambassadorship and more information regarding this movement please send an email below.


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