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Why become a Full ACCESS member?

If you want access to the mentoring content and join the online community of other women who are committed to their growth, personal development and taking action to move forward. - This is the group for you.
This member site was created to bring women together to work together collaboratively to be forward facing. WE want to avoid the political noise and get back to good wholesome life that limits drama, codependency and stress and replace it with:

Personal Responsibility,


Assertive communication,


and stepping into your feminine power.


Our goal for you:

Learning how to have strong and healthy level of self-esteem & worth.

Ability to speak for your needs in a relationship without need for extreme validation while also being accountable for your behaviour with your significant other.

Connecting with your intuition and using it,

Activating your creativity,

Identifying your own moral code and values.
Becoming a role model and creating new patterns.

What's included (Scroll down for the BONUS INCLUSIONS)

Access to members only Facebook group

Access to the file share content.

Add your thoughts and questions to the members only FB group for support.

Monthly AMA & QnA session in the Private Facebook group.

Early access to blogs and articles - 48 hrs before the public.

Early access to Youtube videos - 48 hrs before the public.

All of this access for $9.99 per month AUD


Facilitated by Samantha Moir

Samantha Moir a certified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour coach. Advocate for women and former radio host,communication is here strength.

Sam teaches,guides and mentors women to communicate,take radical responsibility, activate their feminine power and self acceptance.
Learn more about Samantha here.

What we focus on for your growth.


25% first 1:1 Share without Shame Session.

Discount and Early bird access to ALL events.

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You can join now for $9.99
per month.
IMMEDIATE access to all the information.

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