Isn't it your time to finally be seen and heard? 

What if I could teach you how to speak your truth without the fear of judgement?

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" I wish I could have your confidence,so I could also say exactly what I think."

- Now you can -

In 4 weeks you can Nail your Communication

"Your ability to speak your truth, creates opportunity."
- Your relationships deepen, your work place will see you, your friends will admire you and dreams will come true. -

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Your words matter.

Nail your Communication


We all know the stats, 70% of communication is non verbal, but if any of your communication is hidden,subdued or indirect you will have a problem, 100%.

If you are not being assertive, if you have troubling owning your confusion, if you can't hear criticism without defensiveness you will always be subject to the response of others for the outcome of your future.

Your words matter, your inner self talk, your communication style, your ability to be direct, your words can change you being accepted for a promotion, deepening your relationships and how people treat you.

You need the certainty of clear, constructive and confident communication.

" How you do one thing, is how you do ALL things.
If you avoid, hide or dismiss yourself from a conversation, it will translates in all areas of your life. You can't ask for the promotion, you won't state your needs, you won't state your boundaries. If you are direct and confident, it will translate into every area of your life. "

Speak your truth.

Nail your Communication

- "I can't say that?!"
-" I don't want it to start a fight?"

-" What if I get in trouble?!"

Think about the influencers you follow, the books you read, the sales page you subscribe to, the groups you join, the friends you make, you jobs you like, the people you love and the speakers you listen to.
They have conviction,
They have self belief,
They have confidence that shines from within.

The communication they use to compel, is accessible to you too.
You don't have watch from the sidelines, watching everyone else standing up for themselves, while you sit quietly, watching opportunities appear for others.

I will show you how a strong self belief, confidence and conviction is where powerful communication begins.

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" You have every right to be heard and seen, the people who you admire are NO different to you. You just need to stand up and own it."
- I'll show you how. -

This is what we

will do together.

Completely self paced and you can access the content anytime.

24/7 access through program through Whatsapp

Completely confidential,

All Videos and content will be emailed for your reference after program completion.

ALL CONTENT is fully accessible for life.

WEEK #1 - Understanding your Unique Voice.
- Introduction to the group and the members.
- Understanding your voice

- The work begins within
- Worksheets and weekly tasks.
- Threads and Links for references
- THE GOAL : You will feel confident in your unique voice and yourself.

WEEK #2 - Creating Confident Communication

Learning communication techniques

- Understanding your blockages around conflict and judgement
- Mapping scripts and values
- Finding your own closure.
THE GOAL: You will feel confident in your ability to state your needs.

WEEK #3 - How to integrate your true self into your environment.

- Triggers and Gas lighting
- Response and Responsibility
- Managing Emotions

- Learning your agenda.
THE GOAL: You will feel supported in the integration

WEEK #4 - The path ahead
- Understanding action and honesty
- Finding a middle ground
- Revision 
- Questions and experiences.
THE GOAL : You have created the frame work for strong, confident communication. With clear responsibilities set for yourself.

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This program is open to 12 spots for the 4 weeks, highly exclusive and with FULL access to me for the duration, this course is open to approved applicants only.

Full course information, details, online location will be discussed through the interview process. 
Applications open 15th October.

FULL PROGRAM COST - $397 per person 

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