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5 ways to know you’re on the correct path.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

How can you truly know that you are making the right decision?

Your mind is plagued with worry, anxiety that your next step is the one that falls the ice.

Gingerly you step, trying to find the stride of confidence and certainty.

Instead of overthinking the possible ways your plan could spiral into a demise of defeat.

There a number of ways to see and feel that you are striding down the right path.

Read 5 ways to know it feels right as you take your next step.

Energised & Hopeful.

You feel ignited and energised by the hope your dream is providing. You wake up ready to take the next step in your journey.


You feel inspired to express yourself in creative ways. Your heart is open and you feel the need to share it, creatively.

Making room.

You start to clear up and clear out you life of all the things that don’t serve you anymore. Making room for new opportunities, relationships and physical space.

You feel nonchalant by judgement

You level of drive and certainty allows your self esteem to stay solid. You are unfazed by other people’s opinions because you know what you want to do.

You feel detached from the outcome.

It’s not about the outcome, you are in love with the journey. You have the goal in mind but happy to experience the steps to get there.

If you are contemplating a big change, questioning whether you are on the right track, look for these signs.

You will feel it and core level where you need to be.

Use the worksheets to help you rediscover your boundaries and have a plan for how to uphold them.

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