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Banks of the Commonwealth. Closures, suspensions and accounts being frozen.

Do you know what Canada, United Kingdom and Australia have in common?

Their big banks have been closing their customers accounts for a variety of reasons.

Political, Cultural, Social and Financial - one was even their relationship status.

If that doesn't scare you, it should.

I'm going to focus on the well-known speakers and political commentators.

However, these people have access to resources, large platforms and support.

Bear in mind the people who are living quiet, private lives who are being bullied, coerced and intimidated without the access to the above.

The politicization of major institutions and the choke hold the woke, ESG, DEI and CEI have across major institutions and corporations means from the top down its less about equal access to their services and more about the structure around political collectivism.

If your political opinions are being monitored by corporations and institutions and they choose to decline access to their service, is that discrimination?

Should the banks have this clearly defined in their terms of use/service?

How do we have political and social discourse if you are indirectly threatened with means to access your money?

This is extreme.

This is ludicrous.

This is abhorrent.

This is another arm of coercive political censorship.

I understand the counter argument and taking the argument to the extreme to justify the means.

So, let's lay out the extreme version.

What if a white supremacy group uses a banking system to fund their political agenda?

While I think indisputably these groups are heinous and horrific, I, personally WOULDN'T want these groups raising money in any capacity, but where SPECIFICALLY and LEGALLY is the line drawn?

I'm a free speech absolutist but also a capitalist, meaning incitement and violence are action based and the responsibility of the individual/s. When you conflate violence with words - it's a slippery slope towards authoritarian control.

Today's hate group censorship is tomorrow's human rights activist or small business.

The same with capitalism, private businesses and shareholder corporations have the right to fiduciary duty and legal requirements to their investors. They are also entitled to find their legal line between discrimination, freedom to trade and reputation damage to their business.

Again, the mass censcorship and intimidation of people needs clear, transparent legal parameters ahead of time to determine who chooses to bank with which bank. Again, I appreciate the reports and people who speak up about their account closure, similarly I appreciate banks sharing their press releases as I can CHOOSE who I bank with based on mutually agreed values and principles.

Let me share some examples of what's happening in the banking industry right now.

Let's start with Canada.

Tamara Lich and her fellow protestors who donated their hard-earned money to support the political cause of ending the draconian and authoritarian mandates and lockdowns generally in Canada.

The hard-working truckers, in the dead of winter, during Covid, who were contracted to travel across the country and across state borders, to keep the Canadians fed, clothed, fueled had impractical and restrictive measures placed on them.

The truckers complied with testing, masks and social distancing but had issues with quarantine laws due to their jobs (they could not afford or practically work) plus the intrusive covid vaccine requirements that at times, contradicted the national requirements.

The government then declared emergency order to close, suspend and halt the use of the private bank accounts who had donated to this political cause that was hosted by a third party donation firm, Go Fund me.

At the behest of the Canadian government, 206 bank accounts were frozen under emergency orders. Go fund me - was required by the Canadian government to refund money and/or donate to other causes.

The Canadian Trucker convoy had close to 10million dollars in donations.

Ron DeSantis, the Floridan Governor threatened to investigate Go Fund me, for 'their deceptive practices' and 'potential fraud'. Go Fund me, stated they would 'refund any requests' sent through from by donators and would give the remaining money to charities of their choice.

In that time the Canadian government issued a statement that they would be closing down, freezing or suspending the bank accounts of people who had donated to the cause.

They stated 'They would follow money' to stop the peaceful protest.

Remember this is Canada - Part of the British Commonwealth.

Here are some links to see the full interviews and resources:


Let's move onto England.

Nigel Farage, one of the loudest voices in the Brexit movement. A liberal (conservative) who aligned himself with Trump and traditional conservative views.

You can love him or hate him, however he is a prominent and popular political person expressing his views in the political arena.

Recent reports have highlighted that Nigel Farage's bank account have been closed with Coutts bank (after he paid off his mortgage - of course.)

Coutts is owned by NatWest, which has 39% investment from the government. Tax payers.

NatWest & Coutts has released a statement and BBC has released an apology for their data breach and privacy violations.

He had his bank account closed, The ex Leader of the UKip leader and used several reasons One of which was his status as a PEP - Politically exposed person.

He was ex communicated from his bank because of outspoken political views and political affiliations - they EVEN tried to allege Russian involvement. Which was shown and conceded was untrue by the corporation.

Here is a statement from Nigel Farage:

See Coutts statement here.

Banking is a business, who have their legal requirement to watch for fraud and financial crime.

Under the payment accounts regulations, everyone in the UK has a right to hold a basic bank account offering the ability to receive and make payments.

In further development and inspection, you see the brief from Coutts, their reasoning wasn't even under the guise of business practice, or Nigel doing anything illegal or breaking their terms of use. It was PURELY UNETHICAL.

Based on their own determination a few days later.

Konstantin Kisin, a first generation UK citizen, a Russian immigrant who has family members who were born in Soviet Union, In an ACTUAL gulag.

The communist Soviet Union.

The fled, they left the horrors of Communist Soviet Russia. They moved for the UK to evade the strong hold of the previously communist state.

He co- hosts the podcast Triggernomentry

He had his business accounts closed forwhat he suspects are his political beliefs.

He was told that his bank accounts would be limited without explanation.

Here is a video of Konstantin sharing his experience.

Alexandra Tolstoy, daughter of Nikolai Tolstoy.

Had her bank accounts closed unexplainably by NatWest as well. Claiming it was acting like 'a kangaroo court'.

Alexandra makes her statement here:

'I don't know if it's because I have a Russian name’: British aristocrat says her bank account was unexplainably closed.'

Alexandra, a mother of three, was previously in a relationship with Russian Billionaire, Sergei Pugachev.

Democracy. Where'd you go?

Australia is one the BEST countries in the world, but it seems to be losing its grip on the tenants of democracy that makes this country so incredible

Did you see the public opposition to the Covid restrictions, some of the main speakers and defenders had their bank accounts closed.

I heard about this between 2021 and 2022 - Unfortunately, its unverified at this stage as minimal mainstream media have covered it - Will edit with sources when possible.

A personal friend of mine had their bank account closed,

I was there for the process.


They were closed essentially because of the court of 'Public Opinion' not because of any charges, conviction or even arrests etc.

My friend was given a 28-day notice, advised by the Australian bank of 10 years they would not be able to offer their services.

I saw the forms, I was in the room, it was horrendous.

If we have our banking systems and institutions hijacked by censorship, ESG and CEI we are going to see the end of freedom of speech because the corporation and institutions also require political agreement.

If you cannot freely speak, hold dissident or opposing opinions without threat of your livelihood or access to bank accounts being compromised... are you truly able to speak freely?



Then comes communism.

This is happening in democratic societies.

Speak up now.

About the Author.

Hi! I'm Sam. Mother to two boys and Partner to Aron, my main focus is always my family. Which is why I'm so passionate about social culture and what's going on the world because I want to guide my family to a healthy, supportive and free society for their future. I have home schooled, became a multi business owner and ran a movement through covid and want to share how you can create and provide for your family even if it means going against the 'norm'.

To learn more follow me on social media.

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