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Censoring people isn't a new thing....

We’ve seen this before... Censorship, moral superiority, control of the media? Sound familiar.... ? Think of another time in history where we saw this?

Clue—- they also believed in group think???


I can’t write his name, even though it’s truth, heinous and disgusting, a fact no less.... but the way Facebook is moving I can’t even write his name.

Here’s a quote for you.

“The common good before the individual good.”

Guess who said that? Google it.

The quote, without context or knowing who said it... Seems like a good idea ? Sounds like an ideal utopia ? Group think, stringent cultural guidelines, Squashing individual rebellion for the common good.

That the moral righteousness is for the good of the people, they point finger at the people in the community who they believe are to blame for repression and oppression of other people.

Sounds great in theory right.?! I agree. Sounds like something we need to do. Obviously. Stop supporting people who are bigots/racists or phobes.

I, and everyone else I know definitely doesn’t want anyone feeling alienated.

But cancelling speech to punish them, is not the way to end ignorance and fear.

Conversations, Discussions, Facts, Stats, Human experience, Emotional & intellectual connections,

People fear what they don’t understand, if you ban their speech, limit or censor their ability to talk, not only will they stay fearful, their anger and victimisation will allow them the justification to double down on their point. There ignorance will remain, bolstered with hate.

Division happens when we dehumanise. That’s a point for everyone.

When we allow companies, governments or movements to dictate how we speak & think with people, we are in serious Trouble.

We learn about our future from the mistakes of the past.

Moral superiority, Censorship of the truth, Jailing and condemning anyone who speaks out, Taking control of a narrative, Livelihoods crushed for non compliance.

The road to hell was built with good intentions....

In history we saw exactly the amount of hell people with self righteous moral superiority can bring the world, while redirecting the narrative and blame.

The utopia you think you are creating with censorship, cancelling someone’s livelihood, isolating them from the truth and demanding they repeat the same group think or else.

However significant you feel by thinking you are standing up for a group by revoking the rights of others, Censoring people until they cave to compliance without entering into respectful discussion. Enforcing the common good over the individual good...

You are slowly chipping away at the democracy you have come to enjoy.

Big tech companies have banned people from their sites, Fine- it’s a private company, cool. Do whatever you want, your business.

But to block the alternative sites like Parler?! That’s not free market, that’s an agenda.

To keep the narrative linear, to withhold information, to stop you exploring your ideas, stopping you accessing the people and websites that allow to explore & debate that idea fully?!?

To use social media as a town square and then publicly demonise speech of the every day citizen, those companies have l profited from us through our data, can make decisions about your access at any time.

Its a scary thought.

Standing up for minority groups who have been shamed by people saying ignorant things, I celebrate you. We all need our speech to spread the information.

This isn’t about a side, it’s about all of us. You have the ability to argue with me right now, but for how long?

I can assure you, from history, censoring and over powering the individual, controlling the narrative, people taking it upon themselves to censor people to the highest degree, might feel good now, because it feels morally just.

Because you believe it’s for a good intention.

In history, that idea didn’t end well.
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