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Complexity vs Simplicity

Good - Bad

Right - Wrong

Women - Men

Right - Left

Pro - Anti.

When did life get like this?

All or nothing.

Win - Fail.

So ABSOLUTE in the way we think.

I have heard it in passing, read it in the comments and experienced it with clients.

The dichotomy of these positions is holding back the any solution from coming forward...

We can’t create change without open dialogue.

We can’t have open dialogue if we label and generalise.

So what I do I mean by this...

Everyone makes choices within the context of themselves and what THEY feel is right...

Being happy & positive is right,

Negativity is wrong,

Judgement is bad,

Loving everyone is good.

Being a .....whatever.... is the right way to act,

Being a .....whatever.... is wrong.

What is deemed “Right” is within context to what we believe based on our own morals, values and experiences... but, it may not be the same for your neighbour/partners/friends/colleagues.

What you deem as “Wrong” is ALWAYS the opposite of what you believe in, so it can only be wrong, right?!

There are so many shades of Grey when looking at the world.🌍

A victim of abuse will have a part to play in the dynamic.

A perpetrator will have moments of feeling victimised.

A person with suicidal thoughts may have all the “right” things said to them, but it still feels like it’s “wrong.”

The only power we have to create change, is by opening up the conversation to the grey area.

Can we end the ABSOLUTE with right and wrong,

Instead can there be experiences, versions and perspectives.

Both can be right and wrong at the same time.

Empathy trumps alienation.

You can empathise with someone and still dislike their behaviour.

Can we end the ABSOLUTE with good and bad,

Instead can there be, context, reactions and understanding.

You can make the right choice for you, yet still be deemed wrong in the eyes of the social paradigms.

Can we end the ABSOLUTE women vs men, right vs left, pro vs anti.

You can support women without being anti men.

You can talk with right side politics without being anti left.

You be pro vaccine without being anti-anti vaxxers.

We don’t need to pick a side, or make choices from whatever side of the fence you sit on, you don’t need to be the winner or loser in a discussion.

So please come and join me in the grey area.

Where conversation, discussions and empathy allows for all the perspectives be to right and wrong all at the same time.

Let’s all strive to understand rather than vilify.

Next time you hear yourself saying,

“ That’s wrong...”

“She is right...”

“ They are bad people...”

Try saying....

“ I would like to learn more...”

“ I would like to hear their perspective...”

“ I don’t agree but they can still their opinion too.”

We need everyone.....we can’t make changes In the world if we keep living in the black and white.

Come join me in the grey area.

We need context,

We need perspective,

We need openness to hear other opinions.

Start talking, listen to people.

We create the chaos from the grass roots level.

People first, politics second.


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My name is Samantha, but please call me Sam. My passion ..... talking .... at its most basic form. I love talking, conversations, listening to people, understanding business messages, human behaviour all through conversation.

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