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The Oscars released their DEI requirements to qualify for an award. It's going to destroy movies.

I'm a millennial so at my peril I'm going to age myself.

But here we go.

Unpopular Opinion: I think movies truly peaked in the mid 90's and early 2000's. The comedy was funnier. The stories were better.

The movies moved people.

Netflix, Stan and Disney receive millions of subscriptions every month and yet I still find myself searching for 40 minutes trying to find a movie that: 1. I haven't seen,

2. Isn't a remake,

3. Isn't another installment,

4. Doesn't have clear political messaging,

5. Isn't live action - Disney, I'm looking at you. For the sake of this blog, I spent 15 minutes on these platforms to prove my point. I found these as options.

Fast and the Furious 10 installments.

ALL of the Batman movies - Choose your era and favourite lead actor.

The ridiculous number of Marvel movies and spin offs. The Mummy additions 1-4

Pirates of the Carribean - All of them.

Transformers -spanning two generations.

Jurassic Park/s all of the installments.

The franchise and spin offs of the Lord of the Rings

Should I continue?! No to mention the DEI movie cast and story lines that shockingly make you focus on the...

(Insert current political topic) or the (insert token .... person).

Political correctness has now entered movie production where, in order for a movie to QUALIFY for an award they have to meet certain DEI requirements.

Not the story, not the acting, the cinematography, not the writing, not the overall intrigue. It has a cookie cutter structure that all movies MUST adopt for the recognition and ongoing investment. I thought movies were for people to escape their lives not to receive a moral lecture.

DEI and the optics have infiltrated movies for the sake of winning points while they lose millions.

The Oscars officially released their requirements for film makers who want global recognition for their work. Here is a sample:

Here is a sample from the Oscar :

For the 96th Oscars (2024), a film must meet TWO out of FOUR of the following standards to be deemed eligible:


Lead or significant supporting actors

At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors is from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group.

• Asian

• Hispanic/Latinx

• Black/African American

• Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native

• Middle Eastern/North African

• Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

• Other underrepresented race or ethnicity

Main storyline/subject matter The main storyline(s), theme or narrative of the film is centered on an underrepresented group(s). • Women • Racial or ethnic group • LGBTQ+ • People with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing

Here's the link to see the full list >>> ACADEMY ESTABLISHES REPRESENTATION AND INCLUSION STANDARDS FOR OSCARS® ELIGIBILITY | | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

I think it is great that the film industry is trying to create more opportunities for minority groups BUT when it's not MERIT based and just quotas for the sake of requirements you then see super racist stereotypes, oppressive tropes and outdated ideas of groups to prove their minority status. For example: The main actor isn't simply guy who dates men, his character unfolds with nuance and depth instead its - The main character is GAY which is his leading characteristic and everything that happens throughout should lead back to that identity. I don't think any gay guy wants to be treated as though they are that one dimensional in their character.

I have compiled a list of reasons of why movies will suffer because of the DEI requirements.

  1. It works both ways. This section I'm talking biopics specifically or retelling historical facts or based on a true events story. If we start changing the historical truths from movies to change race, gender and or ability from the story, to add a minority group you are parading that person throughout the whole movie as a 'look how progressive we are' rather trying to represent the story and the characters correctly. Cleopatra wasn't black, the same as in 'A Mighty Heart' where Angelina Jolie played Mariane Pearl who was Afro-Cuban decent. It isn't in the nature of true story telling or a fair representation of the facts. If we saw a white person playing Mohammed Ali or Nelson Mandela it would be historically incorrect and offensive and IT WOULDN'T work. However, when we see it reverse its fine?!

2. Not everything is political.

When the movies start to become a political weapon to push a clear narrative - Queue the Barbie movie - It speaks heavily of the patriarchy and feminism. It feels like paying for propaganda. No matter where you sit on the political fence. If you're left leaning - You're feeling validated and want to tell everyone how representative of YOUR politics, it is. If you are on the other side politically, it reaffirms how bad politics are today. The reason we love movies is the escapism. It doesn't include politics; it is meant to be 90 minutes to tap out of real life. It should be an insight or view of a handful of individuals and their experiences. When everything becomes macro, the micro becomes awash of propaganda, virtue signaling and politics.

3. The majority? Who doesn't love a representative film. I know I do. However, if 100% of the movies have to represent minority groups for the requirements how appealing will it be. For example: The trans community. Which makes up 0.17% of the Australian population (census data) being in ALL movies within their story line or lead how successful will the movies be. I understand the counter point of - Every movie ever made was created for the majority, I agree. It doesn't seem intriguing when EVERY MOVIE will have the EXACT same cast, it's the opposite side of the same coin. It doesn't seem to be a smart business model that is sustainable for the movie business to continue to keep creating movies if the focus soley ONLY minority groups.

4. It is actually super exclusive.

Do we really want actors to only lead in roles that reflect their personal lives?

That due to their political beliefs, affiliations, religion or sexuality they can only be type cast to a certain role. Does that mean only gay men can play gay men? Does that mean only straight men can play straight men? Except when we are talking about section 1. If you need more 'points' to qualify for the Oscars, will that mean the people who tick the most boxes get ONLY get the lead roles or the makeup artist/hairdresser, production assistants etc. If movie producers need to tick boxes, you will only see a handful of the same people working in the industry. A BIPOC who is a trans lesbian and deaf. It will make it super exclusionary.

5. Intersectionality causes problems.

With so many restrictions and requirements on gender/identity/sexuality/race/ability being the leading factor. Political ideologies particularly the left/woke have a tendency to squish all the intersectional groups together all at once. For a movie production that means it becomes a cluster f**k of identities that in real life may not work in every situation. Also, social media in the woke arena tend to never be happy with the extreme diversity either. Even with good intentions is still in vain because it still isn't enough and sacrifices the story in the meantime.

If you want to see a great movie, great stories and fun >>> Go and watch a 90's and 2000's movie.

In and Out

Fierce Creatures



Romy and Michelle Highschool reunion

True Lies

Training day

The Judge

The Client list

A Time to kill

Coming to America

Enemy of the state

Independance day

Ghost busters

Friday after next

Not another teen movie

What's love got to do with it


White chicks


Rush Hour

White men can't jump

Legends of the Fall


Primal Fear

Pretty Woman

Malcolm X


Dangerous Minds

The Green mile


The Notebook

Save the last Dance

Schindlers List

American History X


The Body Guard

Jackie Brown

Sweet home Alabama

Sister Act


Tropic Thunder

How High

Joe Dirt

The Constant Gardner

The Game


They are funnier, they have better story lines, they don't treat the viewer as an idiot a racist or some to be educated, in fact they don't involve the viewer at all, you are a voyeur to a great story.

Kids movies we fun and bright and inspirational, Movies based on true stories where about the story and the grand overarching message. Netflix, Stan and Disney: Can you please get politics out of movies and start focusing on the writing, cinematography and message.

Movies that create a conversation,

Movies that allow people to laugh,

Movies that make move people.

About the Author.

Hi! I'm Sam. Mother to two boys and Partner to Aron, my main focus is always my family. Which is why I'm so passionate about social culture and what's going on the world because I want to guide my family to a healthy, supportive and free society for their future. I have home schooled, became a multi business owner and ran a movement through covid and want to share how you can create and provide for your family even if it means going against the 'norm'.

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