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Flash Fiction - Behind door 108.


I will be selecting random flash fiction prompts to write a story from.

This was today’s pick.

Tell a story of a new relationship from both people’s perspectives. Here’s the catch: there should be no scenes between the two of them. You can only use descriptions to other characters, diary entries, thoughts, dreams, and anything else that doesn’t involve contact between the two main characters.

“ Sarah! Are you listening?”

I snap back into the present, like a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me, I look bewildered and confused.

“Sorry Martina, I missed what you said.”

Martina sighs with a warm affection and empathy in her eyes and side smile reserved for a lifelong friend and confidante.

“I know how excited you are for tonight, but Sar, this is important, we have a deadline.”

“Right, yes, the deadline.”

I shuffle myself in my chair, pretending to shake off the consuming fantasy that was replaying over and over in my head.

“Ok Marty, let’s get this done, I promise, I’m right here, with you, let’s go over the numbers again.”

Martina looks over her black rimmed glasses, her frown releases into a smirk, she looks back down at the monthly reports, grinning.

She knew I wasn’t there, I was blissfully daydreaming of the night that I had been eagerly awaiting for weeks to arrive.

Am I going to be able to pull this off?

Everything about our relationship has been utterly perfect, what if this goes badly?

What if she doesn’t like this?

Adam, my best friend strutted through my lounge room, his top button of his shirt undone, tie thrown across my couch, his normally sculpted hair was looking notably unkempt.

“Look Max, you’ve been planning this night for months. Sarah loves you, we ALL know that, besides if she doesn’t like it, I’ll take it off your hands.

I scoff audibly, Adam is the perpetual bachelor, truth be told, he is perfect at it, he never could understand Sarah and I getting together so young.

He has been friends with Sarah and I since we were all in college.

He looks over to give me a little wink, he is pacing more than normal, even he is rattled by my plans for tonight.

“I just hope it goes the way I have intended it to.” There were so many promises made, all I can do is trust that it goes well tonight.”

I stare into the bathroom mirror, reflecting the light from my ceiling to floor double glazed windows, of my recently purchased penthouse apartment, with a view of the entire city at sunset..

The reflection in this mirror looked a lot different 7 years ago.

I remember the sounds of the trains, bustling like a well timed machine, every hour on the hour.

The rumbling and screeching of worn brakes.

The mirror would often shake and bang to the train overhead.

Sarah never complained about it, she used that mirror every single time she stayed at my place.

She was the original supporter of my dreams, always believing in me.

I stare into the mirror, my eyes wandering around the frame, remembering my troubling beginnings and the woman who stayed by side through it all.

I clutched for my pocket, the note Sarah had left me the day I applied for my very advertising job.

I pull it out of my pocket, worn and slightly yellow through time,


I am so proud of you, you have dreamed of this moment, but I didn’t need to dream because I always knew you could do anything.

You are going to nail this interview, you deserve it.

See you tonight for dinner,

Love you

Sar x

I stared at that note for what felt like the longest time,

“Sarah, you deserve tonight” I think to myself.

I push the note back into my pocket,

Reach for my keys, take one more look at the city views and make my way out the door.

My phone vibrates in my other pocket.

I pull it out and read;

“ Everything is set for tonight, looking forward to it.”


Confirmed, I sigh with relief.

So what do you think he’s planning for you tonight?

Martina giggles as she lays on her stomach on my bed.

I place the clasp of my diamond earring Max bought for our 3rd year anniversary.

He couldn’t afford them back then, he must have spent a fortune, but he refused to admit it.

I reminisce of how he proudly handed them to me in a deep sapphire blue velvet box, with a simple note.

These earrings are timeless, as is my love for you.

M x

I look over at the frame holding that very note, sitting on my bedside table.

I fasten the other clasp, warm with excitement and love for this man.

“I have no idea? All he said was, “Be ready at 8, he’s sending a car.”

So where is he going to be?

I clutch my chest, giddy with nerves.

“ I don’t know?!”

“ He has been weird all week, I’ve barely seen him. He’s always been a terrible liar, he has so many tells. It’s definitely something big, he’s been a wreck.”

A loud honk sounds from downstairs,

Martina leaps to her feet like a meerkat being chased.

“Sarah! Your car is here, it’s a limo….!”

I check my face for third time in mirror,

Reach for my purse and make my way to the door.

“I want to hear all about it tomorrow, lover girl.”

Martina affectionately mocked.

“ Ok, ok, love you.”

I close the door to my apartment behind me.

Buzz buzz, the text from the limo driver,

She has been picked up, she will arrive in 15 mins.

I send the reply to the driver,

  • Thank you, can you please ask her to open the letter now.

It’s all coming together I half breathe..

“Excuse me ma’am, I’ve been asked to tell you to reach into the centre compartment, there is a gift for you in there.

“ A gift?” I say with shock and anticipation.

I reach into the compartment, a crisp white envelope with a simple ‘S’ written on the front.

I open it to reveal a small note inside, it certainly doesn’t match the envelope, it is crumpled, yellow and aged over time.

It was the note that I had written to Max years ago, from memory it’s when he applied for his first big advertising job.

I remember how nervous he was, he paced for days, writing and rewriting his pitch.

He didn’t believe in his talent back then, I knew how incredible he was, even then.

I open the note;


I am so proud of you, you have dreamed of this moment, but I didn’t need to dream because I always knew you could do anything.

You are going to nail this interview, you deserve it.

See you tonight for dinner,

Love you

Sar x

Underneath, he had hand written,

Everything I am and will be is because of you, now it’s time for your dream to come true.

M x

Oh my goodness, what could it be?

A proposal?

A holiday?

My mind was a flurry with possibilities.

The limo pulls to holt, the driver opens the door to reveal the entrance to luxury apartment building,

“Where are we?” I say jittery and confused.

”Follow me” the driver instructs.

I see the car door open, Sarah long red dress a vibrant contrast to the grey cement and black limousine.

She timidly steps out of the car, speaking gently to the driver,

I can’t wait to see her face when she steps into the apartment.

I make my way to the security room.

I make my way out of the elevator, plush cream carpets and gold detailing on the cream walls, classy and yet inviting.

I stop at the front door of room 108.

The shiny high gloss numbers reflecting light from the room around me.

The driver dips his hat,

“ I’ll be on my way now ma’am, I have one last envelope for you.”

He looks up towards the security cameras and gives a wink.

Astonished and aghast, I think to myself,

How long has he been planning this?

Where am I ?

It sounds quiet behind the door.

The driver hands me the envelope,

I quickly open it to reveal the surprise inside.

My dearest Sarah,

My dreams have been big and plenty, some would say crazy, others say impossible.

You said, I believe in you, let’s do it.

You put your life, while I chased my dream.

Patient, kind and supportive, you were always there lifting me up.

I came from a troubled past, you always knew the battles I faced.

But still you stuck by me.

You are the reason I achieved my dreams, so I wanted to help you achieve yours.

I apologise my love, I will not be joining for dinner, I have instead arranged a meeting with your idol and mentor, Julia Rothering.

I have sent her some of your work, your sculptures.

She wants to meet with you tonight, to discuss them and your future with their gallery.

This has been your dream since we started high school.

You are going to nail this meeting, you deserve it.

My forever timeless love,

M x

PS, this apartment is ours now, pick the room for your sculpting studio. Talk about it later, enjoy.


I stand, frozen.

My eyes welling up with overwhelm.

I look to my left, and right. No sign of him.

I stare at the numbers on the door once more.

So many questions,

I look down at my watch 8:22pm,

My mentor and childhood idol was sitting behind this very door, that we know own?!

I quiver with elation,

I stare up at the security camera, and mouth,

Thank you, I love you.

I reach for the door handle, in a silky motion the door edges open.

A woman, tall and slender, who I recognise,

It‘s Julia. She turns around,

She out stretches her hand,

Hello, you must be Sarah.

- Samantha Moir


Author, Samantha Moir.

Samantha is a freelance copy writer, but blogging is her one true love.

Obsessed with nuance and complexity while trying to find a simple way to describe it, is the gift that keeps on giving for Samantha and her writing.

Inspired to write a book, flash fiction and short stories is where Samantha feels most at home.

On a creative level, writing is the way for me to express, share and tell stories.

A tale as old as time, indeed, I hope so.”

You can follow more of Samantha Moir’s work and writing portfolio by clicking here.

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