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The desensitisation of personal development.

Let’s unpack that....

Let’s talk about it...

Where do you think that comes from....

All the analysis of your life, cycles and patterns should not be a minute to minute job you begrudgingly and harmfully berate yourself with.

The constant evaluation of,

  • That relationship cycle that was created from your parents.

  • The ability to speak up and be heard after growing up with a bunch of siblings.

  • Seeking emotional unavailable partners because you didn’t feel acknowledged.

  • Not letting go of the past.

  • Money issues, recreating patterns of poverty.

  • Being quiet to avoid confrontations because it was unstable in previous experiences.

  • Reliving family cycles.

  • Seeking evidence to prove your existence is valid.

The list goes on....

I am ALL ABOUT working on myself and developing myself to be better than yesterday.

But the constant criticism, judgement and calculated moves to be the best version of you at all times, is creating a society of militant motivational speakers who want to deny the humanity of life.

✨Life is messy,

✨Emotions are inefficient,

✨Knowing something and embodying something can be worlds apart,

✨Negativity and cynicism is healthy,

✨You can reach being a good person but WILL hurt someone else along the way,

✨Your needs and desires won’t always align with healthy choices,

✨Bad experiences are part of the deal,

✨The plight to get to know yourself isn’t to stamp out your human existence,

✨Your are offensive and will be offended and that’s ok,

✨Perfectionism is curse and blessing,

✨You are victim and perpetrator in your story,

✨That the paradox of life, to be without pain will always lead to more of it & the more self aware you become the less you will be free to experience it.

The calculated approach to self development is a great one,

Understanding your triggers, where you f***d up, how to be more loving, accepting, forgiving and kind is a beautiful intention and one we should all strive to have.

Try not be become shameful, traumatised and hateful to your commitment of living the human experience or it over ride that intention.

It’s ok to be a woo woo hippy and it’s also ok to be jealous psycho if that choices that you want to make.

Own your choices, be accountable but don’t loose sight that it is the most meaningless and meaningful plight you will ever experience.

Your ability to love your darkness and the light sides of you, that it is to in fact, a bunch of human beings trying to control the uncontrollable.

We signed up for the human experience, not an unrelenting mission to take the personal out of personal development.

(Unless you have and that is also part of your human experience.)

Be you, in your disgusting darkness and optimistic and light.

Have fun with it, personal development shouldn’t desensitise you from the ridiculousness of the whole thing and the wonder that you can experience from trying to discover it.

Laugh more, it’s all a game.

Sam. X

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