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Trans need to stop with Womens' sports. Here's why...

Trans women need to stop in womens sports

Do you know how hard it is to get girls to keep playing sports after puberty?

There is a sharp decrease as girls start to move towards womanhood.

Girls and women do NOT priorities team sports particularly in the professional front.

Here are some basics stats from girls and women in sport.

Below is small excerpt to see some of the findings.

See the whole article HERE. Girls are less active than boys and by age 13 – 15, only 8% of girls meet the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation that young people aged 5 – 18 should do 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Looking good becomes increasingly important. Becoming ‘overly sporty’ can lead to negative stereotyping.

Coming to terms with their changing body and periods creates anxiety.

These girls who play basketball, soccer, little athletics, softball and swimming all find themselves focusing on their appearance, social popularity and avoiding undue anxiety as they approach puberty. The boys don't change in their competitive sports attendance. They continue without abandon to play, enjoy and grow in their teams' sports. They get sweaty, dirty and committed to achieving their personal goals and that of their team. Boys don't consider what they look like, if anything it brings up their social status with their peers for being good at sport and being more masculine. I have watched the teams my sons have played for and can visibly see the numbers of girls wanting to play vastly deterioating as they get closer to puberty. One my say, girls choose to stop playing sports - Its their choice. Agreed.

Puberty has that effect on girls and young women, their focus and goals change for their future, they get their period and the body changes making them hyper aware of how they are viewed and the intrapersonal competition with their female peers. Not to mention the safety & going against their agreeable nature. When we see girls and young women who choose to continue in the sporting arena, we need to make sure we remove as many roadblocks as possible for them to continue within it.

Choosing to miss parties, going to sport practice rather than shopping or choosing NOT to engage in quieter and more isolated hobbies. We should be supporting these girls, because it is hard enough to get girls in sport, in physical activity, in teams and for their individual health, we need to promote it as much as possible.

For the very limited select few who love it and continue to train, practice and sacrifice to represent their local communities, state or nation - rights and safety should not be something that dissuades or worries these girls and women. After all of that, all of the sacrifice they make, we then ask them to compromise on their achievements for the sake of inclusivity?? We now subject these hard-working women, who have trained for years to have their sport hijacked by a subpar male competitor who chose to take the easy option in their sport and use an unfair advantage.

Why are we asking these women to compete against men? Australia is known for the "fair go' how is this fair?

Australia loves an underdog story, if we saw a Woman competing in an all Men's sport and won, we would all be amazed, shocked and supportive - because we all KNOW the disadvantage is on the woman.

We know she will have to work harder because of the physical differences, speed and size she would be competing against. That's the thing, it's an amazing feat when the person succeeds and starts from behind the start line with the disadvantage.

EG if a 6-year-old won against a 12-year-old that's amazing - a 12-year-old winning against a 6-year-old is unfair and not a game you would want to watch because fairness and rules are important in sport and life. Sex differences matters because when the slightest physical difference creates advantage, the difference matters exceptionally.

If it was chess, gaming or something where the physical agility and biological differences didn't matter - it wouldn't matter. Thats not an issue we are seeing though, it's always in sports that rely on physical differences where we see men entering women's sports.

Women - the most agreeable by nature are being asked to compromise on their safety, their achievements and their sporting sacrifices for a man to feel included and take the limited financial incentive women have.

Here are the numbers from Swimming world magazine about Lia Thomas.

During the last season Thomas competed as a member of the Penn men’s team, which was 2018-19, she ranked 554th in the 200 freestyle, 65th in the 500 freestyle and 32nd in the 1650 freestyle. As her career at Penn wrapped, she moved to fifth, first and eighth in those respective events on the women’s deck.

It's the same reason we don't hear about trans men going into UFC, swimming or wrestling. We know they wouldn't even qualify.

Let's talk about the issues under the Equality act - Safety, dignity and privacy.

Locker room safety:

Yes - the locker room conversation.

Women who need a safe space to change without having to be worried for their safety while in a vulnerable state. Women need spaces for intimate care, for a few reasons. 1. Miscarriages happen in public bathrooms.

2. If you need assistance or extra help (disabled women) you may need a carer or helper to assist you. 3. Women are acutely aware of their bodies and being swimsuits and small outfits can bring unwanted attention, locker rooms provide that protection.

4. You may be on your period and need an intimate space. 5. Women deserve to have dedicated spaces they can go without fear of being attacked or intimidated.

Biology & hormonal changes:

Women get their periods while playing sport, which by default can be a disadvantage even if they don't speak about it. The cycles of women when they move through month can make them sluggish, bloated, emotional and tired. Yet women need to push through and keep playing without it being a problem or using it as an excuse.

Lack of financial incentive:

We know that most professional top tier sporting women are earning waaaay less than their male counterparts. While I agree with capitalism - You get paid based on the eyes you get on your sport. Meaning these women love the sport so much and, in most cases, don't earn a huge wage and have to still have to work or top up their wage with freelance coaching etc. Thats why the sponsorship deals and endorsements are so important for these women who have proved their excellence. The financial incentive for women isn't the biggest driving factor that's why it is so important for women to have fair and even competition in order for these women to continue playing. With all of these issues and the dwindling numbers of women in sport, do you think it is fair that these top tier athletes should be forced to play with biological males in an unfair arena?

Why can't trans women continue to compete with men?


Why can't we create a trans category?

Getting girls and women interested in sport is hard enough so we don't need to desminate it any further. If we keep seeing women being asked and passively nudged into inclusion or agreeing at their own detriment, we will see the END of women's sports.


Let's get more girls and women in sports... not less. Trans women shouldn't be discriminated against, but neither should women. Women shouldn't have to abandon the equality act of safety, privacy and dignity when the uphill battle for women entering sports is already so difficult.

About the Author. Hi! I'm Sam. Mother to two boys and Partner to Aron, my main focus is always my family. Which is why I'm so passionate about social culture and what's going on the world because I want to guide my family to a healthy, supportive and free society for their future. I have home schooled, became a multi business owner and ran a movement through covid and want to share how you can create and provide for your family even if it means going against the 'norm'.

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