• Samantha Moir

Trauma Fatigue and ending the destruction of unity.

This year feels like the apocalypse,

No exaggeration.





Economic crisis

Murders and racially motivated attacks.

As we step into the second half of the year, the anger and powerlessness feels overwhelming.

When will this stop?

What do we do?

How do we fix this?

Those questions being thrown out into the world with no foreseeable answer being returned.

The weight of these questions seem to be buckling even the strongest of foundations.

Like these foundations,

We, are all fatigued.

The terror and turmoil has left most of our Australian friends and communities feeling deserted and condemned.

“We as individuals are pushed to rediscover the spirit and essence of what it means to be unified.”

The desperation for some kind of normalcy is creating waves of rage, disconnection & lethargy.

The questions have subsequently been replaced by silence.

The most brutal and heartbreaking of silence.... acceptance.

Accepting the new normal,





We are all fatigued.

So much trauma.

So much wounding.

So much damage.

Our land is burnt, divided and isolated, we as individuals are pushed to rediscover the spirit and essence of what it means to be unified.

So what do we do?

We need to talk.

Humans from as far back as 500,000 BCE have been sharing their lives through symbols, drawing and carvings. Leaving trails for the next generation of people to learn and evolve through shared experiences.

Our children learn to communicate through mimicking and copying their parents who repeatedly and lovingly share their emotions through words.

We have created handshakes, whistling and clapping to empower, encourage and annunciate the emotional resonance and impact we feel.

We have created a language with nuance, description and complexity to articulate the depth of emotion and acumen that is required for an intricate anecdotal narrative.

We talk, we discuss, we listen, we yell, we protest, we whisper, we share, we connect,

most importantly we converse.

With such fatigue, we retreat, we stop talking.

We can not heal the fatigue. as it’s own living virus, until we speak about it. Creating doctors in us all.

We need to speak.

Speak for survivors,

Speak for systematic reform

Speak for solidarity

Speak for Solutions.

You may be financially fatigued, traumatised by tabloids and horrified by hate but every solution ever created came by connecting through conversation.

We need to speak.

Speak to your local member,

Talk about what ignites you,

Share your ideas,

Engage in debate,

Consult in conversation

Negotiate new terms,

Discuss the problem,

We may not be able to fix every single problem right away, the power we have as human beings especially in Australia is our right to free speech.

We need to hear the problems,

We need to talk about the current impact,

We need to hear survivors,

We need open dialogue with front line warriors,

We need solutions.

We need to speak about it.

All of it, the dark, the trauma, the pain and the despair.

The only way to nurture our soul sadness and fatigue back to health is through the freedom of speech.

When we stand up for what we believe in as a community, many voices create a roar.

What do we do?

How do we fix this?

When will it end?

When we start to speak the solutions into existence, we then end the destruction devolution of unity.

We create one voice made up of millions of engaged and empowered ideas.

We end the destruction of unity by reconnecting through conversation.


About the Author

Samantha Moir

Samantha Moir is a certified emotional intelligence and cognitive behaviour coach, certified relationship group workshop facilitator and domestic violence advocate.

Blogging, podcasting and videos focused on communication, personal integrity and sharing ways to for her clients to learn a deeper sense of self acceptance, Samantha creates content for everyone to enjoy and engage in.

Follow Samantha Moir on instagram Here.

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