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What are boundaries anyway?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do boundaries mean for you?

Everyone is talking about boundaries, using the lack of boundaries as an excuse for how someone else has treated them.

Simple phrases like

“ They didn’t respect my boundaries”

“He crossed my boundary”

“ I feel I was pushed outside my boundaries”

The problem with these statements are, these boundaries are at the mercy of everyone else to respect and uphold without your clarity of what they even are?!

But if you are unaware of what they are, how can know when they have been overstepped if you can’t uphold them.

Boundaries are your personal responsibility that you alone need to uphold, monitor, maintain and action in order to feel the maximum amount of strength and control for the success of your life.

We can’t be annoyed at people crossing those boundaries if we are not willing to outline them and advise people when they have crossed them.

So with the empowerment of women everywhere we are well and truly capable in establishing and actioning our boundaries.

So here are some my #1 fact you need to know when you are talking about boundaries.

Your boundaries are what you accept, tolerate and expect for your life.

Here are some questions for you to ask yourself...

  1. What is your plan when they are broken?

2. You can change your mind at any time, so what has been stopping you?

3. Are you communicating them assertively.

4. Have you been checking in and reflecting

on what your boundaries are lately?

5. Are you respecting the boundaries of others?

If you want help understand the 7 key areas of boundaries, you can download this free ebook.

~ Beginners Guide to creating your own boundaries. ~

Use the worksheets to help you rediscover your boundaries and have a plan for how to uphold them.

Hey!!! 👋

My name is Samantha, but please call me Sam. My passion ..... talking .... at its most basic form. I love talking, conversations, listening to people, understanding business messages, human behaviour all through conversation.

Naturally, this is why I’m a communication coach.

Not about public speaking or a vocabulary lesson, I help you communicate within so you feel confident out.

✨Communication is a skill, speaking up for yourself and standing up for your needs, it will open doors for you every where. ✨

My mission for my clients, friends and acquaintances is helping you communicate to build your connection and deepens your relationships.😍❤️

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My Existential Experiences


At the time I was hoping for someone to help me emotionally through a difficult time but not just to console me but to inspire, to provide direction and produce momentum in my life in a completely different set of circumstances.


Prior to our first session I was totally unsure of what the outcome would of been. I knew I wanted to develop and understand who I was, past and present situations, trigger points and so on but never had someone I could really open up too. I got recommended Samantha and well.... WATCH THIS SPACE!


4 weeks in and already my life has become so much more positive. I’ve got motivation, I’m somewhat inspired to really live life to the fullest. To be confident not just as an individual but as a mother and a partner.


If you want someone who can relate to just about anything Samantha is the one for you! I can’t wait to see what the future holds ❤️

~ Ruby Bridges ~

Samantha was certainly introduced to me at the right time in my life. She has a "no holds barred" attitude into getting the most out of you in your sessions together. Apart from being worldly and down to earth, Samantha can read you like a book, whether you're open or not.

Which makes for some great change making if you're ready to do the work. It was woe to go as soon as I met Sam but I am so grateful I did. In the week that I have known her, I have already made a huge discovery about myself that was holding me back.


Now it's the continuation of onwards and upwards thanks to her. An incredible coach that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone that wants to make serious change in their life for the better.

~ Ruth Goncalves~

I regard Samantha Moir as one of the best coaches on the internet right now. Not only does she balance a level, reality based version of spirituality (no glitter and fluff here) she also maintains integrity and an unbiased viewpoint.

Her truly unique style of coaching is brave, bold and unrivaled in the personal development world.

Thank you so much Sam for always being a guiding light for me in times of darkness and joy.

The space that you hold is a mix of both compassionate and fierce grace. You have helped me beyond measure, and I am truly grateful.

~ Holly Loxton~

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