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Your darkness is showing...

I was listening to a podcast the other day with super successful author, Robert Greene.

He wrote The Art of seduction and 48 laws of Power.

He speaks on manipulation, persuasion and control.

Fascinating, humbling and frightening.

One of the topics that he discusses is the darkness in people, the repression of their “dark” side and the societal expectations and the backlash for human nature.

Literally, life.🤯

I have been preaching, mmmm maybe it’s more like ranting, to friends and family on this topic for a LONG time.

The underbelly of moral superiority and being in a competitive race to be the most woke and empathic person that ever walked the face of the earth.

Dictating how to be kind, who to worry about, white knighting and bypassing themselves and their basic human instincts to self sacrifice like a moral martyr.

Because the juxtaposition that is going on, is reflecting something else.

Addiction numbers are up, mental health issues, suicidal calls to helplines, sneering, snarling and the intolerance.

The repression of your darkness comes out in destructive ways.

It’s not healthy for you to hold yourself to being good ALL the time.

It creates internal rebellion, the need to offset all the good you do to be selfish, to be free of responsibilities, to stop over analysing your every move, to embrace the primitive, tribal self centred person you are.

It’s normal to want to be dark, the growth is acknowledging its existence. To then choosing not to be.

The people I adore the most, are dark, honest, complex and multidimensional people.

They are kind and twisted, traumatised and hilarious, loyal and incredibly territorial.

My people.

Who acknowledge what their capable of and still choose to be better.

No denial, just accountable choices.

Here’s a list of that self sabotage dark energy that can be used to offset the over inflatation of good.

➡️Exercising diligently to then going on a binge feed,

➡️Being a spiritual yogi and then going on a drug blowout,

➡️Speaking about empowerment and then finding people behind closed doors that belittle you.

➡️Being a money coach who creates severe debt,

➡️Talking about trauma and create it in your life.

➡️Speaking on codependency and becoming an addict to dating sites.

➡️Being all about tolerance and being unkind online to strangers.

If you don’t start finding ways to kindly redirect and refocus that dark energy it is hindering your growth and creating huge shadows you need to hide.

Denying you have it,

Looking down your nose at it,

Being about moral superiority.

Those people scare me, the people who repress it, like a boiling pot of anger ready to explode. The people who over compensate their kindness because inside they are resentful, aggressive and hurtful. Who deep down want to hurt people.

They spend all their time and energy trying to prove they are good.

It always feels off to me, inauthentic, forced.

To me, it’s untrustworthy.

It creates a disconnect from your own human ability and leads to crazy outbursts and toxic behaviours either to yourself and towards others.

So my very long point to this blog, don’t create an ideal of what is deemed “good” accept that you have the same capability to be a murderer as you do being the messiah, your choices.

Less shame more acceptance, it’s healthy and self loving to ALL parts of you.

( Also there will be less unobtainable expectations, pedestals, false idols, solve bullet mentality in the world, if we acknowledged and embraced diversity of thought, opinion and experience. A blog for another day. )

Sam x

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