Unleash your #FIERCE AF Badass!

Being an advocate for women, Samantha Moir has been able to see the core issues that plague ALL women.



When any women is shrouded in these emotions it feels impossible to create any significant changes. But YOU can.. you can go for the job you want,you can have the dream relationship, YOU can have everything and still feel loved and loving towards yourself and those around you. You don't have to be this version you can be FIERCE AF.


"Samantha is helping women who have lost voice and who are feeling worthless and give them the confidence to speak their truth, shine their light and stand in their power."

You can read the About section to see the values and principles that Samantha embodies when she created her business.

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Samantha Moir is also a Domestic Violence Ambassador and Advocate with services and resources for any one woman to connect with for free to receive the much needed tribe support. To find out the services Samantha offers for women visit the ambassador page.


Select from a service below or choose an event near you to attend. You can also check out the testimonials and the clients Samantha works with.



Drop what you are doing...!!

Get your booty to an event near you!

There are FREE Events that can allow you to connect with women near you along with a message that will inspire you to become the FIERCE AF bad-ass we know you are.

Browse the upcoming events.


Online Content

Would you like monthly online training, audio teachings and join member masterclasses?

Browse the affordable inclusions that you can access the members pages to watch and download the content to use every day and when you need the motivation and the boost,while embracing Radical responsibility, reflection and role modelling the change we need to see in the world.

All for $44 per month!

 The inclusions are:


Every week we break down the Foundations of the Fierce AF acronym with daily videos and content. 
Week 1 - Introduction and Intention setting.

Find your goal and core needs. 
Week 2 - Understanding Radical Responsibility.

Look at the light and dark of yourself and love all of it.

Week 3 - Intuition and how to use it.

Understanding how to listen and when to surrender.

Week 4- What your reflection is showing.

What lessons are calling in.?
Week 5 -Self Awareness and Acceptance.

How to integrate all the lessons.

Week 6 - Being a role model for your family.

Conscious choices and your best life.

Week 7 - Breakthrough and ignite your fire.

Harness who you are.

Week 8 - Realizing your potential and setting your intentions. 

Get ready to evolve and step up.  

Weekly 60 min Motivation session every Monday AEST

Weekly 90 min online Masterclass every Wednesday AEST

Weekly the weekend FIERCE FIREUP.

Book a   1:1 

Activation Call

Have you seen a topic on my social media accounts that has really spoken to you?

How to represent and communicate your boundaries,

Stop worrying about what others think of you,

How to START and just do what you want,

Be courageous and push those comfort zones to find the bliss point,

Start trusting your intuition and make independent decisions,

Stop suppressing and start opening expressing your emotions with fear.
Learn why people are disrespecting you and change it immediately.

None of those topics an issue, but you have a problem with movement or changing the continuous pattern.?

I will make 90 mins for you to share, rant, vent, workshop, brainstorm, set intentions, reflect and ACTION the steps that are practical to your life, easy to implement and allowing you the room and permission to up-level.

$99  for 90 mins OR $60 for 90 mins if you would like to share your experience.

Book a call and lets have a session in real talk and #speakyourtruth!


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