Moir Mentoring

Moir Mentoring is a service that supports and guides you to reconnecting with your intuition, inner power and confidence.
There are three services available to help you understand,trust and utilise your inner guidance system to make clear,concise and confident choices.

Browse the services that are right for you and move through the mentoring process to elevate your skills and abilities.

See below my experiences and certifications.

Qualified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour Coach,
I help you with mentoring BUT I'm also experienced for over 11 years, tarot reading, intuitive readings have been a gift of mine since I can remember.

Working at the The Great Australian Psychic Expo - Toowoomba Events
Reader at the Limestone Wellness Centre, Ipswich,
Online tarot business from 2014-2016
Reignited in 2019 - Offered over Zoom during the pandemic.
House clearings and hands on healing 
Intuitive and clairvoyant.

I offer services from 30 mins to 2 hour sessions to help you access your inner power click the link below.

Moir Organics


Would you like products that are made from natural and organic products?
Are you looking for home made products created with intention?
Are you ready to use skin care that could help your eczema ?

Learn more about the Moir Organics brand.

Products that make you feel good from opening,using and re-purposing the packaging.
More Moir Organics and the commitment to your skin.


Moir Hair Designs




~ Feel fabulous at family friendly prices.~

My home based hair salon in Toowoomba, helps clients,women, particularly mothers who want to arrive at quiet and relaxing space for a 1:1 session at prices that allow them to have many trips to salon throughout the year.

With over 32 5 star reviews on my Fresha app,you can see the results and the recommendations.

Browse some of the photos of before and after pics below.

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