3 hr Live Workshop 
Creating change through radical personal responsibility


Online and in person workshops. -

Creating change through radical personal responsibility-

When we look at our lives we see 3 main pillars.

- Self - How we feel, act and create.

- Family - How we connect, support and protect.

- Community - How we work, contribute and empower.

So how does radical responsibility create leadership through these 3 main pillars?


When you take responsibility for the problem YOU become the solution.

You become the action taker, the person you takes control the person who can find outcome . The true power comes from vulnerability, honesty and integrity. The leaders you admire, isn’t because of their words, it isn’t notoriety or bravado.

It’s their action.

It’s their commitment to doing the right thing, It’s their integrity, It’s their ability to lead by example, It’s their kindness, It’s their empathy and inclusion.

Those qualities all stem from personal responsibility, accountability and honesty.

Real, vulnerable, unwavering and fearless ability to look at themselves, take ownership and admit their limitations while still being committed to their promise to be better for themselves, their family and their community. This workshop delivers the 5 key steps to take to become a powerful leader and positive influence.

Interactive and fast paced this workshop will have take you from powerless to powerful. By making easy simple changes to your mindset you can become the leader you, family and community need right now.

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8 week Program
-Liberation from Limitation. -

Liberation from Limitation


This is an extremely exclusive program.

**I only take 5 people through this program at a time, one of my top 5 values is integrity and I need to be able to devote my time and attention to the people in my highest capacity.

What we do in this Program

We go through the 8 foundations of personal freedom every week
Learning how to speak assertively and able to speak to your needs with me and the group with shame or judgement.

How to make choices that are good for you and BACK them, you will eliminate angst and uncertainty.

How to trust your intuition and knowing what your gut is telling you.


Creating confidence so you can get yourself up front and centre to take and create the next opportunity.


Learn your limiting beliefs and how you can create from your negative and positive thoughts


Learn how to embrace your individual flare and lean into your timeline legacy


Identify your need for creativity and reconnect with your expression


Your needs to sustain and manage your mental and emotional regulation through radical responsibility and holding space for yourself.

How this program is delivered
** This is an interactive program - No written work within this group.


Every Week 1 hour Masterclass on topic 
1 hour Group call
1 hour personal power call
All conducted out of Facebook group
Access to me 24/7 through Whats APP

This is intensive and exclusive program that I invite you to join to start the process to access your personal freedom that I live my life by!


Send your expression of interest to the link below for more details.

60 minute Empowerment Session.


Activating your inner power - What does that mean?

Authenticity, bravery, confidence, direction, emergence, forgiveness.


Being a Warrior isn’t coming at life in battle mode, it’s about living with values, integrity, boundaries and self respect.

Learn with my teaching how to apply them.


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