Shadow to Shine 90 min Online Workshop

If you are looking to understand your shadow side that is quietly making choices within your life and left confused how you keep repeating patterns,attracting the wrong people or wondering how your good intention keeps getting hijacked.
You may need to understand shadow and the benefits your shadow can have and where its derived from.

Even the act of simply speaking about your shadow and harnessing the skills in a positive way rather than it controlling you subconsciously.
This Workshop goes through how to identify your shadows,learning how to you use and stop shaming and denying yourself and using it shine and grow in your life.
If you want to truly shine in ALL that you are, this workshop is for you.


What to expect from this workshop

This 90 min Intensive Shadow to Shine workshop will take you through a whole process of discovering, facing and using the deeper parts of your shadows to catapult into the depths of self acceptance, expansion and growth in order to reach your truest, brightest shine that you can.

Why this course is important for YOU.

The exploration of ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly is the ultimate gateway to personal freedom.

It is important for YOU, because we can not go through life hiding, denying or pretending the "bad" version doesn't exist.

YOU create more PERSONAL POWER when you know when its auto-play and when you can choose to recognize and see the triggers and USE it to your advantage.

Its important to be the WHOLE in every way including understanding the insidious player and make it a team mate. It is where the truest form of acceptance begins.

- You see yourself as a whole, the person you are in the hard times and the person you in good.

- You can discover how you react and where you retreat.

- You understand that even your perceivable negative qualities have been derived from resilience and learn that you don't need to recreate it in order to access it.

- Find ways to understand your motives without judgement,

- Learn your values fully to understand how to use them in every moment, for your bigger picture.


What the whole process will look like:

A break down of the workshop and what to expect,

The benefits and outcomes of being truly honest,

How to understand and use the shadow work,

Learning how to set your values.

Forgiveness, Acceptance and Empowerment, Integration for all you have learned.

Questions and revelations. The Final talk. ( Its powerful! )


Why you should book this course?

* Because no manifesting, positive words or hoping will connect you with yourself, truly. You cant be empowered when you deny,shame or guilt or condemn yourself.

The next session:

Tuesday 18th of October @10 am AEST

Live via Zoom

Recording will be emailed for you to watch over and over.

What we focus on throughout the Workshop


We focus on identifying who you are the patterns that have been appearing over and over.


We recognise where your shadow self came from the gifts that it brings and how it has supported you.


How knowing your shadow self can harness for good and used to lift you up.

Samantha Moir a certified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour coach. Advocate for women and former radio host,communication is here strength.

Sam teaches,guides and mentors women to communicate,take radical responsibility, activate their feminine power and self acceptance.
Learn more about Samantha here.


Facilitated by Samantha Moir


Grab your spot 
18th October @ 10am AEST

Join us LIVE on the 18th of October @ 10am AEST on Zoom.

Receive the recording to watch back over and over to keep digging deeper into learning about yourself.

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