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Why invest in a Share without Shame session?

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Being able to speak about how you are feeling or the issues you have will make all the difference.
One of the first statements my new clients say when they are expressing themselves,

" I know this horrible to say ' OR 
' I know I shouldn't say this out loud ' OR

" Don't judge me but ..."

They have all these real life,human feelings that is wrapped around shame,guilt and anguish that there thoughts make them a bad person.
So instead of talking,they have a tendency to withhold and secretly seethe in silence while berating themselves for having those thoughts in the first place.
There is no solution,no resolution or understanding.
I am a huge promoter of sharing without shame, because when we speak from truth and real life human expression we can work through how you got there,how to recognize it when it reveals itself again.
The Share without Shame 1:1 sessions is action based solutions ranging from communication techniques, getting your needs met in resourceful ways and learning how to elevate situation for healthy conflict resolutions.

WE focus on how to create confident choices for your life, relationships and work.

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Facilitated by Samantha Moir

Samantha Moir a certified Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behaviour coach. Advocate for women and former radio host,communication is here strength.

Sam teaches,guides and mentors women to communicate,take radical responsibility, activate their feminine power and self acceptance.
Learn more about Samantha here.

What we focus on in your session.

What you receive

A full 60 minute phone call.
Follow up messages throughout the week.
15% discount on first session.

Book your session for $79


Book your spot here.
RECEIVE A 15% Discount for your first session.

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