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Not speaking your truth can have a detrimental affect on how we act and how we perceive the future. Being through the experience, Samantha is driven to help women who want to learn how to speak up and step forward. Helping women who are still feeling lost, hurt and alone when embarking on the new chapter of their lives. There are many factors and emotions that come up for women when leaving these relationships they withhold being ope, authentic and FIERCE AF.






Dangerously low self esteem,






With so many emotions there is very little information to help women address, acknowledge and allow space for them to move through the stages of healing. We work together to change your direction from potentially reentering a similar relationship or returning to the previous one, while also building a strong relationship with yourself based on trust, love and respect.. 
Working through the stages of responsibility, reciprocity and being the role model.You can see the bigger picture to understand how to process these emotions and safe guard them from causing further the damage to yourself and your view of yourself.


I want to work with you if you:

Are a woman who has been through moments and continuous repetitive challenges with honesty and expression.

Has safely transitioned out of that relationship and can safely take phone calls and online programs,
Ready to be open and vulnerable to explore the events and experiences,

Looking to move forward with your life,

Can be honest, authentic and brave to share your experience with me to clear it. 

Ready to role model for other women the strength they can have.

I want to shine a light on the possibilities and the freedom you can have within your inner self as well as the power you have over your own life and using your pain and experience to help and guide other women through the process. 


You will Embody the FIERCE Warrior Woman that you needed throughout your experience and rise as the powerhouse you have always been. 

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Learn more about Samantha here or click the link below to see the Mission and her DV Ambassadorship. 



Names not displayed for privacy and safety.

Samantha is such an inspiration. Her passion and fierce devotion to her cause is inspiring. I love watching her grow and lift up our community. A privilege to know her and work with her.

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