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Energy Reading

What an absolutely insightful reading! So much so that it shattered my skepticism completely. Samantha intuitively knew things that were happening for me, and the path I was, am, and am going to be on. Highly recommend! You won't regret it!


Holly Loxton

Energy Reading

The reading I had with Sam today was so incredible! She hit so many nails on the head and I was able to get clarity but also it was the “heads up” that I needed. I now feel clear, fresh, informed and on point going into the next 6 months. Thank you Sam! 💖


Leanne Tololeski

Energy Reading

Oh my heart 💕 My reading with Sam was a heart opening adventure of discovery. I am blown away and humbled by the wisdom and light Sam shared with me - it was a privilege to have been held so reverently and with love and care 🙏🙌


Energy Reading

Introducing Samantha Moir! From the minute I stepped through Sam's front door I felt her genuine intention for helping others. I am someone who values transparency and honesty and within 3 cards we were right to the heart of the matter. Sam was intimately attuned to emotions and the cards she pulled were a precise representation of the energy surrounding me of late! Today's reading was certain;y transformative and healing. You're nothing short of truly gifted Sam and I look forward to seeking your guidance and reassurance in the future.


Katie Eden Todd

Energy Reading

I met many amazing women when on tour, stand outs who I knew I wanted in my life from now on. You know who you are... one was Samantha Moir in Toowoomba who does amazing empowering work with women. She has done loads of inner work and is honouring her Lion quest like a warrior.
I loved her energy on sight... Last week I saw her advertising readings and knew I must book in.

Today I had my tarot reading with her... exceptional! I know my issues, I know where I am and where I’m trying to head. I wanted to pause and seek clarification of what I sensed and knew.

I got that and then some... my deepest vulnerabilities emerged, saying ‘Yep now’s the time! This is the way to what you seek.’ The clarity about the inner work I’m doing and will now do with even more focus was such a blessing. The confirmation and then some of the vision I’m getting for the future so affirming.

Samantha works at a deep level and holds the space for you to really see and name exactly where you are. (Half hour is $40 one hour is $80.) Highly recommended. Grateful, heartfelt thanks Sam, it was just what my heart and soul craved.


Sandy Harvey

Energy Reading

Oh My........
I had my Reading done with Sam this afternoon and let me tell you........This Warrior Woman is Bloody Fantastic.
Not only did Sam give me Direction, but has also 'Opened' my Eyes and My Heart to Recieve, To Trust what I have always had... but truely either couldnt, or wouldnt listen to this gift......For That Sam....I THANKYOU❤🙏🙏

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